Get ready for the barbeque weather with a new barbeque

Well you may have recently heard that summer 2010 is set to be a bit of a scorcher according to Positive Weather Solutions, who have predicted the weather more accurately than the MET office for the past two summers, so get set for a bit of a scorcher.

We all like a bit of sunshine and we Brits love nothing more than a good old barbeque to prolong the outdoor activities. Unfortunately, if you’re a bit like me and accidentally forgot to bring your barbeque in when the rain started, then you could be face with a rust bucket instead of a lovely barbeque ready to cook your sausages on.

Well, fear not barbeque fans because there are of course load of barbeques out there ready to snap up so you can get on with enjoying the sunshine. After taking a quick look at the Garden section I’ve scouted out a few different models that look like they’ll do an excellent job.

For something simple that gets the job done and doesn’t take up too much space (so perfect for those of you with small gardens) a round barbeque will do nicely and usually come with a cooking and resting area as well as some BBQ tools so you don’t end up burning your fingers or dropping your burgers!

If you’re after something a little bigger with a bit more space on the storage front and with a storage shelf ready to pop your food onto, then this Anthony Worrall Thompson rectangular charcoal grill should do very nicely! The extra storage space underneath and the addition of the side table will make this a better choice for those big family gatherings and you can fit more onto the grill than you can with the round barbeque, so you won’t be bombarded by food requests from hungry relatives!

For those big barbeque fans and indeed budding chefs around the country, you can even get some rather brilliant gas grills which will provide you with lots of sizzling barbeque meals. Anthony Worrall Thompson has rather outdone himself on the range available so there should be one for all budgets.

This two burner grill features two independently controlled burners and also has two side shelves so you can have all of your utensils and plates to hand ready for serving up to your family or guests. There’s plenty of room on the burners so this is a great option if you will be taking full advantage of the summer weather and throwing lots of BBQ get-togethers. It also comes with a handy free apron and mitt so you can make sure you don’t get too messy and those fingers are well protected from the heat.

Everyone enjoys a barbeque in the sun so whether you’re after a small portable barbeque for a quick sizzle in the sun or you want to go the whole hog and have something that you can use a lot and cater for lots of family and friends, there’s a barbeque option for everyone! Let’s just hope that the weather predictions are correct and that we get an excellent summer to enjoy as well.

13th April 2010
Written by Very_Lauren