Keeping Your Baby Entertained: Playmats

For all of you with Spring babies and babies soon to arrive, we’re sure you’ll need a bit of relief now and again and one of the best ways to keep baby entertained is with a fun, sensory playmat.

Babies are literally seeing the world through new eyes so if you’re thinking of getting a playmat for your baby then having some fun accessories which hang from the top of the playmat frame is essential to keep their attention focused. Playmats tend to come with a variety of objects, in different colours and shapes and in different materials, such as those with reflective materials for a totally new experience.

However, it’s not just what you’re baby is looking at that is important – it’s also about what they can feel. Many of the playmats are sensory related and feature a variety of different sensations with materials that ‘crinkle’ as well as soft, ridged and harder surfaces.

Of course no playmat would be complete without sounds too and most playmats will feature a variety of rattles which spin and make lots of lovely noise, crinkle material that makes a rather satisfying ‘crunch’ noise and of course the obligatory squeakers.  Some even play music as well.

There are of course plenty of playmats out there and at there’s plenty of choice but here are some of the ones I think really stand out and will no doubt keep your little one entertained and give you a little bit of peace and quiet!

Gymini lights and music is a particularly nifty bit of baby entertainment. It has 15 developmental activities including a large mirror and a lights and music touchpad which will play 10 minutes of classical music. This is a great option for babies on their backs or their tummies and is nice and bright with an animal covered base.

Mamas & Papas Barnaby bear playmat is a super cute and cuddly option in neutral colours. The playmat features a big bear head that plays music when you press its nose and four sensory paws with crinkle material. There are two detachable play arches with squeakers, rattles, teethers and a baby mirror. This is a supersoft, comfy option that will look great in any nursery.

Mamas & Papas light and sound playmat and gym is a bit like the crème de la crème of the playmat world. It is a bit pricier that some of the playmats but it has a lot of features to keep your baby focused. The playmat itself is shaped like a turtle and has six sensory legs to explore. It’s bright and colourful with a fun character design and also features flashing lights and plays five melodies. Plenty of squeaks crinkles and rattles to keep your baby’s attention.

12th April 2010
Written by Very_Lauren