Wardrobe Wars

My boyfriend (A.M) has moved in. I’m delighted. I now have a cup of tea brought to me in bed each morning, I don’t have to remember to put the bins out anymore and we share the chores, the bills, the remote control… and my wardrobe. Everything else become ours as soon as A.M moved in but my wardrobe was a sticking point.

My double wardrobe was jam packed, but with no space elsewhere for a second wardrobe I had to face it – I had some thinning out to do.

So, to begin I emptied it entirely and I found it was not only full of clothes but of memories too. The striped skirt worn for a friend’s wedding, were we all danced like no one was watching from the early evening to the early hours, raised an amused smile. The blue ballet shoes I wore on my first date with A.M brought back some sweet, funny memories and the maxi dress worn when he saw me drunk (and I mean really drunk) for the first time raised a chuckle and a fair amount of cringing! It goes without saying that none of these items were discarded.

I did ditch anything that was faded, bobbled, out of shape or ill fitting. This came to a grand total of nine items – falling desperately short of the ruthless cull I needed. Next I removed all items not worn in the past year… and then put half of those back again.

I began to wonder how many shirts a man could possibly need…

Then I realised that some clever storage solutions would free up some precious space but save the contents of my wardrobe. Cue under bed storage, shoe storage boxes and an end of bed ottoman.

I saved anything that I loved, anything that made me feel fabulous and anything that, for what ever reason, I simply could not part with. The result is a well organised space – accommodating a few man shirts – and the rediscovery of a number items I had entirely forgotten about…

What would you save?

19th April 2010
Written by Very_Lauren