A Very Interesting Challenge

The thought occurred to me recently, whilst shopping for a bridesmaid dress, that we all to often ‘stick to what we know’ when it comes to buying new clothes.

Being a bridesmaid is one of only a handful of occasions in your adult life when someone else picks an outfit for you  and they don’t always chose the same things that you would! Never-the-less I happily tried on whatever was handed to me. The experience confirmed for me that vibrant red definitely isn’t a colour I can wear and anything with a frill at shoulder level instantly transforms me into a rather convincing quarterback. However, I was surprised to find that strapless dresses actually looked rather nice and florals, something that I would normally avoid, weren’t the enemy I thought them to be.

This experience lead me to order this Teatro dress (strapless AND floral), this cream dress from Fearne Cotton’s new collection (cream isn’t a colour I normally wear) and this South skirt (shorter than normal for me, floral and very girlie). I’m now eagerly waiting for them to arrive…

So different for me but fingers crossed it will look lovely
Will it look as good on me as it does on Fearne?
I don't own many skirts - will this one make it into my wardrobe?

So, I have a challenge for you – try something new.

Try an item you like in a shape or colour you wouldn’t normally wear. Do you always wear jeans? Try a skirt. Never wear patterns? Go for florals or strips. You maybe pleasantly surprised.

Go – experiment – and then come back here and tell us what you found…

18th July 2010
Written by Very_Lauren

Posted by: maureen howard 21 July 2010

I have a 15yr old daughter whose prom is next year, and i thought wouldent it be good if you did prom dresses at affordable prices, they are so expensive in the shops, so would be good if i could pay weekly and make my daughters night was perfect for her, thank you.