Create your own ice cream milkshake recipes!

I don’t know if you’ve walked down a High Street recently and noticed a massive upsurge in milkshake shops offering gorgeous ice cream smoothies with everything from cookies and chocolate brownies to jelly beans and marshmallows. You can pretty much blend anything these days!

I did buy one which cost me £3.50 (chocolate ice cream with chocolate brownie and topped with marshmallows in case you were wondering) but it got me wondering – surely we can make our own delicious combinations at home with the help of a blender and surely it would be a lot cheaper? Well, I was right and here are some top ice cream milkshake ideas, catering for all of you with a sweet tooth!

The premise of making one of these super chocolatey milkshakes is as follows. You will need 2 bars of your favourite chocolate bar – chocolate with biscuit or wafer tend to work well and add some thickness to the mix.

Blend the chocolate bars separately so they are quite fine to save you having big lumps in your milkshake. Add in 250ml of full fat milk (the creamier the milk, the better the result) and 5 scoops of vanilla ice cream (any supermarket brand is fine, since you don’t want the taste to be overpowering or too rich).

Add to the already blended chocolate bars and whizz until thick and smooth – then drink and enjoy! You can add some extra toppings – crunched up biscuits, marshmallows, sprinkles etc for extra bite.

You can do this with pretty much any standard chocolate bar, or indeed sweets, cereals, cakes and anything else you think would be a winning combination! The best part is that kids will love experimenting to make their favourite combinations – and it’s far cheaper than buying one for all of you.

So, invest in a blender, some ice cream, milk and your favourite chocolate to make a super sweet treat for the whole family!

1st July 2010
Written by Very_Lauren

Posted by: courtney 10 September 2011

this recipe below is amazing!

50g butter
30g sugar
drop of vanilla
1/2cup cream
1/2 milk

blend together till frothy!

Posted by: Leila 25 February 2011

Sounds great! I’ll definitley be trying these experiments, i love mixing to create lovely tasting beverages! I’m 13 btw 😀

Posted by: Tina Bailey 1 July 2010

Or one for the parents –
100ml cold coffee (black),
100g of ice cream (low fat is fine if you’re watching your weight),
100ml of milk (Skimmed works fine).
Blend it all up for 60 seconds (it will almost double in volume due to the frothiness)!!
Pour, top with a bit of squirty cream (again – low fat is fine)… and there you have a Frappuccino to scare any coffee shop haha!!
(We’ve been living on these the past few weeks)!! xx