Five Minutes Of Fashion With Alesha Dixon

Alesha Dixon is back with a new single next month and a second album later this year and she’s clearly mastered the art of looking cool but causal so she can do back to back interviews promoting it.

The single, which is out in August, is called Drummer Boy and Alesha’s already been banging on about it to Radio 1 and magazines including News of The World’s Fabulous and Glamour.

And she’s literally running from interview to interview as she is due to go back to the States in a matter of days to put the finishing touches to the album, Unleashed.

Her 2008 album The Alesha Show reached number 26 in the chart selling 26,000 copies but she’s worked longer on Unleashed.

She found time in her crazy schedule to step out and chat to

QS: Do you shop for designer labels or on the high street?

“I am definitely a high street kind of girl. Arrogant Cat would be my absolute favourite, then Zara and Topshop. I also buy a lot of clothes online.”

QS: We always see you in sparkly mini dresses on stage. What do you wear off-stage?

“I live in jeans and leggings. I am constantly running round so it’s important I feel free.”

QS: Who is your fashion inspiration?

“I have to say Beyonce. I love the way she flaunts her curves. Shakira is another favourite – glamorous and confident women that know what suits them.”

QS: Would you like to design your own clothing range?

“I have. Well, I designed a t-shirt in aid of the Prince’s Trust. It was pink and fabulous. If another shop asked me to do something more I’d definitely consider it.”

QS: Have you ever had a wardrobe malfunction?

“I once left the price tag on the bottom of a pair of shoes. Everyone can see they cost £80.”

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29th July 2010
Written by Zoe Griffin

Posted by: ailisi 3 August 2010

Fashion is bigger today than it has ever been. When it comes to accessories, being fashionable is absolutely everything. They are like the basis of the entire fashion world. They are the fine point of every outfit.

Posted by: Becky Worrall 29 July 2010

Alesha always looks gorgeous in what ever she is wearing 🙂 Alesha is an inspiration to any one because she isn’t to skinny and she has the most wonderful curves X