Maradona Magic – Argentina v Germany

Diego Maradona: Footballer, Icon, Flawed genius…

…And now Argentina manager on the verge of winning another world cup without so much as dribbling a ball.

How did it happen? Passion mainly.

Despite being feted in his homeland as a national hero Maradona’s appointment as the team boss was laughed at by those who should know better.

Those who should know that football just loves a fairytale ending.

And in South Africa Maradona almost has it.

Almost. First things first though. Germany. In what will be a rematch of the 2006 world cup quarter-final Maradona has promised to show England exactly how to beat the Germans.

Where are those doubters now?

There are calls this week in the wake of England’s early exit to make David Beckham our next national manager.

While Beckham doesn’t have a string of world cup wins he does have a little bit of that Maradona magic that can’t be bottled or quantified.

He knows what Maradona knows; about passion and pride and playing for your country.

Maradona might well have the last laugh at 2010. Should England win the bid to host the 2018 tournament wouldn’t it be something to see DB in the dugout doing a Diego?

Don’t laugh. You might regret it…

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2nd July 2010
Written by Very_Lauren