Super Summer Fragrances

Everyone loves summer – when the sun is shining you can’t help but smile and all the smells; freshly cut grass and blooming flowers everywhere instantly make you think of lazy sunny days.

If you’re in the mood for some summer inspired fragrances, to make you feel summery even when it’s cloudy, then you’ll be happy to hear that plenty of perfume brands are happy to oblige and have released special edition summer fragrances!

I can be very shallow sometimes and go for things on looks alone so I absolutely love this Jean Paul Gaultier ‘Summer’ fragrance that comes in a lovely bottle adorned with tropical fishes in the traditional body shape bottle. This alcohol free perfume combines rose, clementine, orange flower, star anise and lemon for a super summery scent.

If you want something that smells irresistible then try this limited edition Givenchy ‘Very Irresistible Summer Cocktail’ that comes in a pink bottle. The Summer Cocktail mixes up rose grenadine, mint, star anise, blackcurrant, rose and sandalwood.

If you’re a Calvin Klein perfume fan then why not try the Eternity Summer Ladies edition which comes in a pretty blue bottle and features litchi, pear blossom and Chinese ginger in top notes, a mix of gold mimosa, pink freesia and magnolia, whilst base notes introduce musk and white cedar. This is a popular summer choice!

Another popular choice are the perfumes from Issey Miyake and new for 2010 is the summer edition which comes in a violet striped bottle. This light and summery fragrance has notes of rose water, peony, pear and carnation for a floral and fruity scent with woody undertones.

If you fancy some WAG inspired fragrance then Coleen Rooney has got her very own limited edition summer scent ‘Coleen X Summer’ that is gorgeously fruity – combining Bergamot, Mandarin and Orange for s fun and flirty fragrance.

If you’re looking for a new summer scent then why not check out the perfume section today and find the perfect summer perfume for 2010!

5th July 2010
Written by Very_Lauren