Swimwear solutions-Finding the perfect fit for your shape

I don’t know about the rest of you ladies but swimwear used to be one area of clothing that filled me with dread.

How do we make the right choice is the big question?

The answer is quite simple-dress for your shape and you will look so much better than wearing a bikini two sizes too small that feels like dental floss wedged up your bottom or going to the opposite and covering from head to toe in black hoping that you look slimmer and mysterious, sadly you won’t- you will just feel hot and uncomfortable, don’t do it please!

I’ve picked out my favourite pieces this year just in time for august so if it’s something you have been putting off buying then be brave and take a long look in the mirror to determine your body shape.


Are you Larger round the tummy than the rest of the body?

We are going to cheat a little and use all that modern swimwear design can give us. Resort has some amazingly priced swimsuits and these have been designed to give you a knockout figure in an instant. Tummy panels pull in and flatten, use your cleavage to your advantage, make them the focus with crossover support, adding instant boost. Look out for clever design, these two I have chosen are ideal, the waists detail is fabulous, drawing attention but for all the right reasons! Now all you need is to add a few accessories and you are set to go!


Many may be surprised to hear that this shape comes with its problems too, usually smaller busted, and no definite curves you are probably what’s known as the “Ruler Shape”.

So what do I recommend? Halter necks are great for showing off those beautiful lines of your body, and also look so cool with hipster shorts. Try a Ra Ra skirt which adds curves but still shows off those amazingly toned abs- Finish off with some Easytone sandals for your daily fix and you are sorted.


Your tiny frame can sometimes make you look like a teen on the beach, take advantage and go for bright youthful colours as darker ones may swamp your frame, frills add instant curves to the smaller bust and look flirty and fun, string tie pants are great for lengthening legs- keep accessories light, and go for a feminine cover-up such as this beach dress.


With clever separates we can make the most of our wonderful figure by focusing on our upper half. Keep bottoms simple and dark with higher legs if possible, and add print to your top. This instantly draws the eye away from your lower problem area and focus onto your upper assets. Confident ladies may want to wear wedges or heels to really lengthen those legs for a total wow beach body look! Proud to be a pear? I am!

31st July 2010
Written by Very_Lauren