Look Like David Beckham (Without The Genetics)

We can’t all look like David Beckham (I certainly can’t, being a woman and growing that amount of perfectly groomed facial hair is an impossibility). It’s a fact, those rugged good looks are down to good breeding and a rather large wedge of cash lending itself to a team of stylists who do a cracking job of creating the Beckham brand,. The football icon’s style has developed over time from fashion faux pas (sarong anyone?!) through to effortless style, and now anyone on the street can emulate it.

From suited and booted through to dressed down daywear, Very.co.uk has everything you need to steal Beckham’s style. So if you’re a wannabe WAG and you think your man needs a scrub up or you’re a bloke who secretly thinks, “I wish I could look that good every day”, steal the style for a snip right here!

David was recently papped wearing this zip-up hoodie from the adidas collection at Very.co.uk. Make this simple piece the focal point of your outfit and wear it in numerous different ways. Our top tip is to wear the jacket unzipped, with a simple white polo neck or t-shirt underneath so that you are layered up and prepared for the onset of Autumn (unfortunately, some sort of cover is required now that we’re coming out of Summer). For a jog in the park, it is perfect teamed with the essentials jogging bottoms but for a day to day casual cool look, pair the jacket with a smart pair of jeans such as these G-Star Raw Arc Loose Tapered Jeans or a pair of combats such as these Superdry Combats.

For more Beckham style-inspiration, why not dress up for an occasion and look as dapper as David did on the side of the pitch at the World Cup? With the wide selection of suits on offer at Very.co.uk, there’s no excuse not to be mistaken for Mr Beckham himself. We suggest you work on the designer stubble.

10th August 2010
Written by Very_Lauren