Men and Style: The Hair Straightening Pandemic

Ladies, have you noticed that your de-frizz spray, conditioner and hair serum is running out quicker than usual? Well rather than thinking you need to cut back, you might want to take a look at the man in your household – is he looking a bit guilty, and now you come to think of it does his hair look sleeker and shinier than it normally does?

Welcome to the hair straightening pandemic – for men! Yes, for years we girls have known the miracles that hair straighteners can work on our frizzy, out of control hair and now it seems that more men than ever are discovering this too. So, not only do they pinch our night moisturisers, tweezers and sometimes even our eyeliner; they’ve now got their eyes on our straighteners.

According to a recent survey by the Office for National Statistics, one in 20 men own a pair of straighteners, and they have now replaced hairdryers on a list of everyday items.

These days it’s far more important for men to turn up at work looking good, so a quick shower and towel dry just won’t cut it, especially for guys with longer hair, although there are plenty of straighteners these days that are made especially for shorter hair. It’s always easy to tell when a guy has just discovered hair straighteners – there are the tell-tale plate marks at the roots, where they’ve held the straighteners there for a tad too long.

But the basic fact of the matter is, guys with straightened hair actually look great – it works both ways ladies and although they don’t like to admit it, they enjoy having one less thing to worry about in the morning. One thing is for sure; they’ll definitely know how annoying it is when you step out in the rain and all your hard work is ruined.

It may have started as a bit of a joke – long haired Goths and camp divas getting in on the hair straightening action – but nowadays the pandemic has spread to all of mankind and everyone from businessmen to builders are indulging in a bit of guilty hair styling action. Teenage boys are also major culprits, with the likes of Justin Bieber making straight hair cool and for the older guys, well if Gavin Henson and Liam Gallagher can pull it off…

Of course, you don’t want to start fights in the morning over who needs the straighteners more, so if you have a hair straightening pincher in your household then get them their own pair of straighteners, it makes a fun stocking filler for your beloved. Perhaps a bit of shine spray wouldn’t go amiss either – and at least if you run out, or your straighteners break, you’ll always have a back up!

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2nd November 2010
Written by Very_Lauren