Peace of mind for you and your baby

Peace of mind is important for any new parents and, whilst welcoming a newborn into your family is a genuinely joyous moment, it can also leave both parents and baby feeling somewhat exhausted.

Baby monitors have long been an essential accessory for any growing family but today, the technology has evolved dramatically. The grainy, crackly microphone systems of the past have been replaced by high quality digital DECT audio, “high definition” sound and, in some cases, video.

Today, baby monitors come with a wide range of features and gadgets to suit all budgets but the purpose remains the same – to let you know exactly when your child needs you.

One of the brands that has been around for what seems like generations in the baby market is Tomy and there is little wonder that families around the world have come to trust the name.

Their Classic Monitor TA100 offers the perfect budget solution for parents looking to monitor their child’s sleep, priced at just £40.

This analogue baby monitor guarantees quality baby listening for parents, immediately alerting you if your child awakes for a feed, a change or if they lose their blankets. With an operating distance of around 300m, this is idea for any home and the unit also features a “silent” mode for those occasions when you are watching TV, turning down the speaker but continuing to alert you to any noise that your baby makes with a sound-light display.

The Tomy Classic Monitor TA100 can even help get your child off to sleep with its comforting night light.

For those of you wanting digital clarity, the BT Baby Monitor 200 could be just what you are looking for.

This monitor uses DECT technology, the same technology found in many cordless telephones, to transmit “high definition” sound around your home, meaning that even the slightest sniffle gurgle or cry will come through with complete clarity.

The baby unit features a night light to help them to sleep whilst the parent unit features warnings that include low battery and lost signal alerts. The unit also comes with a handy travel bag for when you and your family are on the move.

But if you really want to keep an extra set of eyes on your loved one, the Summer Infant Baby Touch Monitor will have everything covered.

The Baby Touch Digital Video Monitor is the first ever touch screen controlled baby monitor, making it the most innovative video monitor available on the market today. With the screen, you can pan, scan and zoom the wireless camera around your child’s room, with the images beamed back to the 9cm LCD monitor. The camera even features a temperature sensor so that you know exactly how warm your child’s bedroom is.

22nd February 2011
Written by Very_Lauren