The practical way to keep fit for summer

Once again, we’re thinking about keeping fit here at We have all felt bombarded by the healthy-living message but for some of us, actually taking up the keep fit message is easier said than done.

After all, the British weather is not exactly suited to the ‘outdoor lifestyle’ for anything other than a few months every year, gym memberships can be incredibly expensive and home gym equipment is often too big and clunky to fit into the typical home. So how do you actually take on the healthy, active lifestyle that we’re being told to adopt?

Well, we set ourselves a challenge. Find three pieces of gym equipment that are all easy to use, easy to store away and under a budget of £60 each – around the price of one month’s membership at some chain gyms.

So we started looking around and we think that we have found three great fitness gadgets that can help you perform basic exercises which, on a regular basis, could help you to leave to healthier, more active lifestyle.

We’ll start with step aerobics; a form of exercise that is great for fat burn and can be performed almost anywhere. The Dynamix Aero Stepper is ideal for those impromptu step exercises – you could even do them whilst watching the television! The stepper is lightweight, making it easy to carry around the house, and will easily hide away into a cupboard when not needed.

Next up, we’ll focus on your upper body and another simple exercise that is now being made easy by home gym equipment.

Developed by a US Navy SEAL, the Perfect Push-up is designed to engage more muscles and reduce joint strain. This is achieved through rotating handles which reduce joint strain in wrists and elbows through natural body movement. This helps to increase muscle strength and definition in arms, shoulders, chest, back and abs whilst at the same time, helps to stabilise and strengthen shoulder joints and rotator cuff muscles.

So that’s the upper body taken care off. Now we’re going to go back to aerobic exercises with the Body Sculpture Twist Stepper.

The twisting and stepping motion is designed to maximise your workout, with the vertical and lateral stepping action help tone the waist, legs, thighs, calves and buttocks, whilst the bungee bands helps to tone the upper body muscles. Anti slip foot plates and twin hydraulic system make sure that this is safe to use and the 5 function computer measures time/count/steps per minute, scan and calories used to give you the complete low-down on your workout.

So there you have it; three easy, low cost and practical exercise aids to help you get into shape this summer. For more great ideas, check out the gym equipment department at

21st March 2011
Written by Very_Lauren