Get The Best Out Of Your Hair Straighteners By Ginni Bogado

I wish these had been around when I was a teenager! I longed for glossy straight hair and mine was so thick my mum couldn’t cope so she always cut it off!! In those days it was all about the Bay City Roller – absolutely hideous! stock the best straighteners you can buy!  Try these Nicky Clarke Desired Straighteners NSS288 

 Nicky Clarke Desired Straighteners NSS288 also sell the Remington Pearl Straightener S9500 and I have just purchased the BaByliss Elegance Straighteners 2098BU 

    Remington Pearl Straightener S9500     BaByliss Elegance Straighteners 2098BU

There are so many ways to use hair straighteners it’s incredible. I was at a fashion show and we had forgotten our curling tongs and one of the models, who had been a model for Toni and Guy forever, said “I’ve got my straighteners and I’ve watched my hair being curled so many times I’ve become an expert!”. She showed me how to do it and I curled the hair in half the time it would have taken me to curl with the tong for a better result. Hooray! I don’t need to lug around loads of heavy electrical equipment!!

Here’s how you acheive a curl. Section the hair into 6 sections. Take one of the sections and place the straightener at the root and rotate 180 degrees. Then slowly glide your straightener to the end of the hair. Continue throughout each section then run your finger through your hair and you’ll be amazed.

“Beach hair” is my favourite look at the moment  I love this look and so simple when using hair straighteners. Twist  a section of hair and then run your straighteners over the twisted hair, clip up and move on to the next section until you’ve finished. Remove the clips and shake your hair then spray with some Fudge Salt Spray Medium Hold 150 ml for that ultimate beach babe look. have the BaByliss Waves Envy Styler 2337U if you want an easy way to achieve natural beach like waves.

BaByliss Waves Envy Styler 2337U

There are hundreds of styles you can create using straighteners they’ve even gone digital! Remember no hair appliance should be used on a daily basis. Always use a hair protector before use and a serum on the ends to be good to your hair and pamper with a mask once a week !! x

9th August 2011
Written by Very_Lauren

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