The Best Games To Help You Get Fit

On rainy days or hot and sticky summer afternoons it can be hard to get your work-out in. Who wants to go for a run in drizzle or the sweltering heat?

Thankfully, technology has progressed in such a way that means we can work out from the comfort of our own home, simply by playing a video game! It might feel a bit strange or even, dare I say, lazy at first to use a video game to help stay fit. But trust me when I say, these fitness video games are by no means lazy. You can get quite the work out from them. (Although it does mean you can’t use the old “I couldn’t run because it was raining outside” excuse anymore…)

Thinking of getting fit using your games console? Here are a couple of suggestions!

Nintendo Wii EA Sports Active 2

The Nintendo Wii EA Sports Active 2 game has more than 70 new exercises and fitness games to choose from, and comes with a resistance band, heart rate monitor and leg strap.  You’ll also have the option to try out a new three-part, nine week program or customise your own work out regime! Keep track of both the calories you and your friends are burning!

Wii Fit

From Yoga positions to Rhythm Kung Fu to even skateboarding, the Wii Fit is a super fun piece of kit to have at home. I love that with the help of the Wii balance board, you can do aerobics and strength training, as well as balance games – all from your living room. If you’re thinking that this something you’d like to test out, treat yourself to Wii Fit Bundle

Your Shape

As much as I love the Wii, the Xbox Kinect is fantastic for working out with, as you don’t hold a controller, and accessories aren’t needed. The Kinect sees you, and therefore knows how well you’re performing each of the moves in the Your Shape game. So, if your punches in the Kickboxing game aren’t enthusiastic enough – it knows! This game is a lot of fun (who doesn’t love hula-hooping?) but is also a great workout.

Enjoy your new workout regime!

5th August 2011
Written by Very_Lauren