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As a former Starbucks barista (and certified Coffee Master!) I am a serious coffee and tea nerd. For me, the only thing better than my morning coffee from my favourite café is a drink that I’ve prepared or made for myself. You can save a lot of money by investing in a coffee or esperesso machine for your own kitchen, and that’s precisely why I’d love to share with you a few coffee and esperesso machines that will not only look fab in your kitchen, but fix you up a delicious cappuccino or cup of coffee.

Coffee & Espresso

If you’re looking to make both filter coffee and espresso drinks at home, the Gaggia Espresso Pure Coffee Maker is your  best bet. It has a coffee filter for either one or two cups of coffee, and has special filter for espresso pods! There’s a steam wand for you to froth up hot milk for lattes and cappuccinos, as well as a hot water spout for your tea.

Espresso Drinks

If you love nothing more than a shot of espresso before rushing out of the house or enjoying foamy latte on a quiet Sunday morning, the DeLonghi Icona Espresso /Cappuccino Maker is your new best mate. A gorgeous blue colour, this machine can hold both ground espresso beans or espresso pods. You can easily steam up milk for a plethora of espresso based drinks, or a delicious hot chocolate.

Just Coffee

Fancy schmancy espresso drinks not your thing? If a cup of filter coffee with a splash of milk is all you need, the Morphy Richards Coffee Machine is just what you need. With a 10 cup capacity and permanent filter, this little coffee maker will not only give you delicious coffee, but it will look quite snazzy in your kitchen.

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Coffee is a brewed beverage with a distinct aroma and flavor, prepared from the roasted seeds of the Coffea plant. The seeds are found in coffee “berries”, which grow on trees cultivated in over 70 countries, primarily in equatorial Latin America, Southeast Asia, India and Africa. Green (unroasted) coffee is one of the most traded agricultural commodities in the world.^

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