Suzi’s First Day at Work – Blog Diary

Hello! I am Suzi! I was the winner of the V-Team competition in July and I will be updating and sharing my journey with you all each week. First of all, thank you to everyone who voted! Words cannot describe how grateful I am.

Yesterday was my first day at work. Although I had a serious case of first day jitters, they soon vanished. I travelled to Liverpool to meet the teams and get an insight into what every does and how the company generally works.  I was given a tour of the HQ and got my passes and desk area set up, all very exciting! The company is pretty large and there was so much to take in, it was really fun meeting all the people I will be working with. Everyone was so friendly and fun.

I took a break in the cafeteria where I indulged in some chocolate and caught up a little bit more. The chocolate certainly calmed my nerves!

For the rest of the day I was catching up on the product, it was a real eye opener to see how much goes on and how much effort is made in every aspect! I love how the company’s motto is ‘Customers First’. I had a few inductions with several people all from different departments; everything was so interesting and I certainly put catalogue shopping into a different perspective. I finished the day off by creating a mood board for a future campaign.

The day was a mixture of nerves, excitement and curiosity in which I really enjoyed! Again, thank you to everyone who voted! I will keep you all updated on my progression and outings.

Love From Suzi x

2nd September 2011
Written by Very_Rachel

Posted by: LiYuLin 6 September 2011

She’s so BEAUTIFUL 😀

Posted by: Lucy Rivers 6 September 2011

I absolutely LOVE Suzi, I read her blog, watch all her videos on Youtube, she is such an inspiration, so down to earth and I just love this girl!

Best of luck at Very Suze! xx

Posted by: judy 6 September 2011

SUZI! congratz on getting the job! :] yws ^^