January Detox For Your Hair & Skin

January……..all these resolutions have been made and after all the partying and the extra products that have been put on your hair and face, it’s time to remember to detox your hair and skin.  So a few essential treats are needed so I’ve suggested some products to reinvigorate and free your hair from chemical build ups on the hair follicles.

Try a good shampoo and I’d suggest TiGi Self Absorbed Shampoo alongside TiGi Self Absorbed Conditioner for a well deserved hair treat!  Try and give yourself a week free from any styling products.  If you can’t take ‘au naturel’ dry your hair on a medium heat setting or check out Remington Ionic Dryer.

For the Skin Detox – being a new year and a new you – an alcohol free period will suit your skin too as it is a key cause of dehydration. We should all be drinking at least 1.5 litres of water a day to flush out the toxins.  Dry body brushing also helps to remove any dead skin and improves circulation. This Dove Visible Beauty Gift Set has an amazing set including a brush.  Replenish your body with Bio Oil 200ml after your shower, when the skin is still damp massage this all over and you’ll see the wonder of this miracle oil.

Exercise in any form brings colour to your cheeks and gets the blood circulating around the body to replenish your skin cells.  Cleansing your skin is essential to remove any make-up and bacteria. I’m using Burt’s Bees Radiance Healthy Glow Kit it’s so natural and makes the skin really glow !

Get to it !

Love Ginni x

10th January 2012
Written by Very_Lauren