Festival Survival Items

Whilst we still can’t decide whether the Spring/ Summer weather will ever come, festival season is certainly upon us. But fear not we have tips on what to wear come rain or shine.

A Parka Jacket is a festival must have. It looks effortlessly cool, keeps you warm when it gets chilly and protects you from the rain. Its the next best thing after a rain coat. I would personally go for a classic khaki coloured one like this South Summer Parka. If the weather permits, go for a lighter option to lift the mood like this G-Star RAW Light Weight Parka one. Beware though, white garments and wet mud are not the best of friends!

Denim Shorts are another staple. Ripped up, tailored, dyed, or coloured, any denim short will be good. You can wear denim shorts for days without washing them (bonus!) and they are super duper easy to style. They will look great with any top you take and most certainly look super hot when worn with a bikini top and a hoodie. The dirtier and scruffier they look, the better. South Twill Coloured Denim Short and the Ralph Lauren Vintage Cut Off Shorts are my favourites.

Wellies are a no brainer. You don’t want any of your great footwear ruined during the tramples. Black ones are safe and easy to style whereas on trend floral ones will add some pattern to an casual plain outfit. These are perfect, Diesel Lacy Welly Boots and South Pochard Floral Wellington Boots.

Sunglasses, not only because they look uber cool, they will also protect you from the UV rays. Go for some celeb style Ray Ban Teardrop Aviator Sunglasses or if your feeling funky, some patterned ones like these Floral Sunglasses.

Bags are an essential, what else are you going to carry your stuff in?! I suggest taking two bags, a large one like this Mischa Barton Beverley Tote Bag to carry all your necessities and a small one, preferably cross body so you can keep hands free so you rock out without hassle. A small one is perfect for housing all your essentials like money, tickets and mobile phone. Try this Nica Lily Whipstitch Crossbody Bag.

Beauty items are important, just because it’s a festival, don’t let your beauty routine go down the drain. Keep this Garnier Nutrionist Caffeine Eye Roll On handy to pep up those party eyes in the morning and don’t forget a can of hairspray, your best friend for your festival stay. It will tame your hair. My all time favourite is Loreal Elnett Hairspray Duo. It freezes your hairstyle yet once ready, you can just brush it out without any stickiness, the celebrities swear by it. The mini can is small enough to pop into your bag.

Now that you have these handy items, have fun, stay safe and rock on in style!

Love Suzi x




11th May 2012
Written by Very_Rachel

Posted by: Melissa Rego 13 May 2012

1) my favourite brand has to be models own-as the colour palette is so big
2) my favourite colour is in the hed kandi range called fluro orange
3) it goes great with a tan and it brightens up any outfit. it reminds me of summer and being on holiday.