Kristen Stewart Interview: Snow White And The Huntsman

As her new film Snow White and The Hunstman had a star-studded premiere in London, Kristen Stewart showed she is clearly on a mission to escape her schoolgirl Twilight image. Talk about high-impact glamour! We can’t imagine Bella Swann in something as sophisticated as this.

However, Very can reveal that Kristen’s real-life boyfriend and on-screen Vampire partner Robert Pattinson did not want to be seen on the red carpet. This is definitely another sign she doesn’t want to continue the association with Twilight. Robert was there as Very spotted him in the cinema eating popcorn, but he must have gone in a side entrance. Weird! The actress was 17 when she worked on the first of the fantasy films and she’s now 22 so we can kind of see why she wants to distance herself. She’s definitely found her dress sense. Her lace dress looked lovely and it’s a big trend right now – check out Very’s Iron Fist Lace Doll Dress or the beige and black Little Mistress Bandeau Bodycon Lace Dress if you want to work this look.

We were desperate to learn how Kristen’s attitiude to fashion has evolved over time. Here’s an exclusive mini interview:

Zoe: How do you think British fashion is different from American fashion?

KRISTEN: “When I am in London I feel so dressed down and young and Californian. I just don’t have that thing.”

Zoe: Do you actually like dressing up or is it a chore for you?

KRISTEN: “I know a lot of people who are able to take it into their lives, who are chic all the time. For me, it really is like – there is a time and there’s a place. I love doing it but it fits into a particular part of my life.”

Zoe: Going back to work, what do you want to do next?

KRISTEN:”I want to direct movies. But then I work with someone who is great at what they do and think I am not there yet.”

Zoe: How did you find the horse-riding scenes in Snow White – we heard you had trouble?

”I hated it. I didn’t take to the whole mentality of ordering that thing around – ‘Go now!’ You have to be  horrible, basically. Not to say that horse people are horrible to their horses. But you have to basically tell that thing who’s boss, and I didn’t want to do that. I was like, ‘No, do your thing.”

Zoe: When you’re not working, how do you relax?

KRISTEN: “Reading. East of Eden is my favourite, it’s big, and then Cannery Row. Have you ever read Lie Down In Darkness? I want to play Peyton more than anything I can possibly taste or touch in my life. I want to play her so bad.”

If Kristen’s career continues at this pace, very soon she’ll get all the roles she wants. We’re impressed. It seems she’s grown up and chilled out. Long may this continue!

Love Zoe x

16th May 2012
Written by Zoe Griffin

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