Are the ‘Faparazzi’ forcing you not to wear the same outfit twice?

Are the ‘Faparazzi’ forcing you not to wear the same outfit twice?

Faparazzi (noun.) – Collective term for the mass of unsolicited photos uploaded to Facebook

Not so long ago only A-list stars were surrounded by cameras and snapped from every angle for public consumption. Now, research reveals how friends with smart phones and access to social media – the Faparazzi – mean young women are equally aware of their ‘image’ as their celebrity counterparts.

According to a survey of women aged 18-35 by, the ‘Faparazzi’ phenomenon is changing the way they behave and dress when socialising.  The findings revealed that, including holidays, young women go out on average 87 times a year. What’s more, the average Brit is snapped 27 times on a night out and going out with three snap-happy friends can generate an astonishing 4,212 pictures over the course of a year.  The most extreme 5% estimate friends will ‘Fap’ them 450 times an average night – equivalent to 23,400 shots a year.

The fear of being caught unaware and waking up the next day to discover you’ve been captured, shared and spoken about means 45% say they are now constantly conscious of cameras around them and 28% have rehearsed celeb style poses such as Victoria Beckham’s ‘Stop and Drop’ or Angelina Jolie’s ‘Split Leg’ at the Oscars.

Showing something of a diva streak, one in three (37%) will demand to vet friends’ photos of themselves before giving their clearance to be uploaded – while 75% will go through the time consuming process of deleting or untagging shots of themselves on Facebook the same night or next day.

Fear of friends and acquaintances seeing the same dress worn over and over on the timeline means women are also watching what they wear: ‘Faparazzi’ pictures have led to one in three women admitting to never wearing the same outfit out twice having been ‘Fapped’.

The most camera shy amongst us are the women of the North East, with over a third (39%) of respondents admitting to finding ways to avoid cameras – with Welsh women coming out top of the posing pops. 

The research also revealed how 40% of us admit to regularly impersonating our favourite celebrities when posing for pictures.  Surprisingly, just under three quarters of a million of the women surveyed look to imitate poses favoured the Duchess of Cambridge whereas almost double, a staggering 1.4 million women admit to posing like Jordan. Interestingly, Cheryl Cole is knocked off the top spot in the North East by TOWIE favourite Amy Childs.



  1. Victoria Beckham
  2. Kate Moss
  3. Jordan
  4. Fearne Cotton
  5. Lady Gaga


North East:

  1. Amy Childs
  2. Cheryl Cole
  3. Kim Kardashian
  4. Mollie King
  5. Victoria Beckam



  1. Jordan
  2. Cheryl Cole
  3. Victoria Beckham


West Midlands:

  1. Victoria Beckham
  2. Jordan
  3. Kate Moss


Rebecca Elderfield, Style Director said, “Having your image shared with the rest of the world in seconds is now part of every woman’s night out.  We don’t all have the same clothes budget as a celebrity, so finding clever ways to mix, match and combine clothing and accessories is key to looking original and stylish.”

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