Tulisa Launches New Book And Talks Fashion

Singer and X Factor judge Tulisa showed off her girly side as she signed copies of her new autobiography at Bluewater shopping mall in Kent. We’re not used to seeing Tulisa this way as she tends to wear tighter and brighter party outfits but her new book is called Honest and it seems like she’s letting us see a new side to her in all ways. She’s grown up a lot since starting out in N-Dubz and this white dress and platform sandals outfit is a more sophisticated look for the star.

In the book, Tulisa talks all about her upbringing and relationships with men, but I found out about what she thinks to fashion. Read on:

Q: How do you think your style has developed over your career?

Tulisa: ‘I’ve become a lot more open, but there are two very different sides to me and one has always stayed the same. There’s still a very street side where I’ll wear a tracksuit that I’ve had since the age of 15 to run to the supermarket. But when it comes to expressing myself and play time as I like to call it then the things that I wear now I wouldn’t have been seen dead in a couple of years ago.  It’s been fun being able to wear more dresses and be more feminine and experiment.’

Q: Has your style changed since you started leaving N-Dubz to go solo?

Tulisa: ‘Yes. What I wear now wouldn’t have looked right because I had the N-Dubz boys next to me and we had an image and it wouldn’t have made sense.’

Q: What do you think of your X Factor group Little Mix’s style?

Tulisa: ‘I love it. I especially love their Mickey Mouse jumpers and their trainers. So cute!’

Q: Who inspires your own style?

Tulisa: ‘Recently I have loved doing photo shoots where I’ve recreated old school glamour. When I was brunette I tried to go for an Elizabeth Taylor look and absolutely loved bringing that era back and since I’ve been blonde I’ve done a shoot based around Diana Doors. I’d like to bring more of that glamour to my red carpet style.’

In her white dress, Tulisa definitely brings back the glamour. I just wonder if she will keep this up during the X Factor live shows?

Love Zoex

27th September 2012
Written by Zoe Griffin

Posted by: Zaggora Girl 1 October 2012

Tulisa looks gorgeous with blonde hair! What are your thoughts? 🙂