Exclusive Interview: Emily Blunt At Critics Circle Film Awards

Awards season is upon us and this week it was time for a good old celebration of talent in the UK. Despite the cold and snow, the stars of the big screen glammed up for the London Critics Circle Film Awards with Tim Burton, Helena Bonham Carter, Holly Valance, Tom Hollander walking the red carpet alongside the stunning actress Emily Blunt.

Emily, the star of The Devil Wears Prada, was nominated for her role alongside Ewan Macgregor in Salmon Fishing In The Yemen. Although she didn’t win, there was no doubt it was a winning outfit. The peplum shape with the belt makes her waist look even more tiny than usual.

Emily was happy to chat to reporters on the red carpet. Read a mini interview below:

QS: We hear work is underway on a sequel to the Devil Wears Prada. Would you star in it?

EMILY: ‘Yes I think I would do it. We all were told to go on these skinny diets for the first time, but I’d be up for it.’

QS: Where did you get your inspiration from?

EMILY: ‘I grew up in a family where there was lots of laughter and people doing impersonations. It was a rowdy, fun household – I’m one of four kids – and everyone to this day is still doing impersonations of each other and telling stories.’

QS: As the face of YSL Opium Perfume you got to work with a leopard. Was that scary?

EMILY: ‘Yes. The leopard trainer says, “If you have flowing fabric around the leopard the leopard will go crazy .” So I said yes to wearing a tux rather than a dress. 

QS: You have played a diverse range of parts, what’s next?

EMILY: ‘I haven’t done a Western yet and I would quite like to do a Western.’

I hope it’s the Devil Wears Prada sequel before the Western. Apparently the plot features Blunt’s old character Andy leaving Runway magazine to join a bridal publication…only to find the boss is equally bitchy. Sounds fabulous!

Love Zoex

21st January 2013
Written by Zoe Griffin

Posted by: Tracey Dickens 28 January 2013

I think I should win because I cant remember ever winning anything! Financially I’m not in a good place (but who is) winning would make my Christmas and birthday come early. And it would be great if I was on the receiving end for a change!

Posted by: Kirsty lindop 27 January 2013

I should win the ultra book as it would go some way to making up for the shocking service I have been given from many departments in the last 6 weeks from very

Posted by: Rachel martin 24 January 2013

I would use the ultrabook to skype my daughter when i work away