Fiery Red Dresses On The Red Carpet At Flight Premiere

It’s a new year and a new trend – red seems to be the new black when it comes to going out dresses this season. A number of celebrities at Denzel Washington’s Flight premiere picked red dresses to walk down the red carpet. Lead actress Kelly Reilly, Sky Sports presenter Charlotte Jackson and Star of The Real Hustle and I’m A Celebrity Jessica Jane Clememt all chose to be scarlet women to brighten up one of the coldest nights of the year.

It’s a risky choice as the ladies did have the potential to blend into the carpet but each celebrity made it work for them with a slightly different style of dress. I’m most impressed by Jessica Jane Clement who braved the cold in a short bodycon dress. It shows off her remarkable figure to perfection and it’s a dress worthy of stealing attention from the stars of the film.

However, lead actress Kelly Reilly looked lovely in a red bandeau maxi dress. It’s classy and sophisticated with an echo of 50s Hollywood glamour but showing off her toned shoulders and arms adds a hint of flirtiness.

Meanwhile, Charlotte Jackson went for warmth with a one shoulder maxi dress. As a red carpet expert, I can recognise this tactic and I bet she has warm leggings on underneath that dress, I’m sure of it.

The next premiere coming up soon is The Last Stand and I’m starting to wonder it we’ll see more red outfits. Watch this space!

Love Zoex

18th January 2013
Written by Zoe Griffin