Mollie King Talks About New Saturdays E! Show And Single

The Saturdays seem to have been filming their new reality TV show for ages but it’s finally here and they have a new single too. This week the girl band are promoting the start of this new chapter in their life  by going on the Daybreak sofa and attending some glamorous parties like the InStyle magazine Best of British Talent party.

Singer Mollie had been up since 330am on the night of the InStyle party as she did Daybreak the same morning but still looked amazing in a green dress. She shared what the band are up to in 2013:

QS: What are the Saturdays up to right now?

MOLLIE: The new reality show starts on E! at 10pm on Sunday 3 February. And then we worked with Sean Paul on our new single What About Us. The video is up now and it will be released in March.’

QS: What do you miss most about the UK when you are in America?

MOLLIE: ‘The food. Probably the chocolate. Hersheys chocolate is just not the same as the chocolate in the UK.’

QS: What were some of the highlights of doing the show for you?

MOLLIE: ‘I’ve wanted to go to the American MTV VMA awards since I was 8 years old and I finally got to go. One of the best nights of my life.’

QS: Who was the coolest person you met during filming?

MOLLIE: ‘J.Lo. We met her at the Golden Globes. We all just checked out her bum. It’s just as amazing as you think it will be and she was lovely. She smelled amazing  – maybe it was her own perfume?!’

QS: Will you be touring again when Rochelle has her baby?

MOLLIE: ‘We’d love to. As long as there is a demand for us to do it. we’ll be there. We love touring!’

I don’t know where Mollie gets her energy from – it’s impressive! Let’s hope the hard work pays off for the group in 2013.

Love Zoex

31st January 2013
Written by Zoe Griffin