Made In Chelsea Stars Take Over BAFTA TV Awards

The Only Way Is Essex won a BAFTA TV award last year but this year Made in Chelsea is nominated…and it’s stars are definitely making the most of it! They may be used to hanging out at glam parties – their show is based in Chelsea after all – but it was a real honour for them to be officially part of the BAFTA TV awards nominees party at London’s Five Star Corinthia Hotel this week.

So how are the stars making the most of their growing popularity? Binky and Lucy – both looking sophisticated in black maxi dresses – revealed all:

QS: Is it tough to share your love life on the show?

BINKY: ‘I’ve been in a relationship off the show and it’s nice having something private but they will get found out. I’m single right now and I am looking so we’ll see what happens.’

LUCY: ‘I’m just honest. I always will be.’

QS: How do your parents feel about you being on the show?

LUCY: ‘Mine are fine. They appreciate I am doing something that makes me happy.’

BINKY: ‘My mum has been on the show and she actually has a bit of a Twitter following now. She loves that!’

QS: Why is your co-star Spencer Matthews so bad in this series?

Lucy: ‘I think Spencer is misunderstood. Nobody can control him. But that doesn’t mean he is bad, he’s just dealing with the situation in his own unique Spencer way.’

QS: How do you work out what to wear for the show?

BINKY: ‘I’m probably the least fashionable on the show. If I could wear jeans all the time I would. For shoes. I am addicted to wedges.’

QS: Lucy, do you find it difficult how you’re portrayed?

LUCY: ‘Well, in the last series everyone got to see one side of me and that was the nasty side. There are other sides to me too. I can be nice. But later in the current series, I come across better. I’m starting to get more positive comments on Twitter. In the last series, I actually got death threats on Twitter so I had to be strong and brush it off.’

The BAFTA TV Awards winners will be announced on 12 May at London’s Royal Festival Hall. I’ll have all the gossip from that ceremony – stay tuned!

Love Zoex

26th April 2013
Written by Zoe Griffin