The Ultimate Festival Checklist

Festival season is upon us and with it comes the amazing music, awesome festival fashion and hopefully lots of time outdoors in the sunshine. Obviously you don’t want anything to ruin the fun, so here is my checklist to keep you safe, snug and smiling come festival time.

1. Pitch perfect

It might seem like an obvious one, but thanks to the wonderfully unpredictable British weather you need to be prepared, and the right tent could mean the difference between the festival of a lifetime and a weekend you’d rather forget. If you’re in a pair or a small group go for an easy pitch design so you can spend less time pitching and more time partying. For large groups don’t scrimp on size. This 8 person tent is ideal, with space for all of your bags too, along with muddy wellies and wet waterproofs.

2. Sleeping bag, airbed and a great night’s sleep

It might be an obvious one, but it’s all about comfort when you’re kipping outdoors. This cocoon sleeping bag is great for getting a good night’s sleep, as there’s enough room to curl up and even space for a pillow. Another must is an airbed to combat the lumpy field and ensure muscle ache and lack and sleep won’t cramp your style.

3. Food, drinks and friends

Taking a stove and pans along means you can tuck into a delicious cooked breakfast the morning after a wild night of dancing, without having to venture far from your tent. A cooler is also a must, meaning you can easily carry drinks to the nearest party tent and keep them cool all festival long.

4. Chargers, torches and technology

Keeping your phone alive is vital to make sure you don’t lose your friends in the crowds. This brilliant charger gives hours of extra power to your iPhone to make sure you can keep in touch. Speakers are also a great idea for getting you in the mood and a good camera is also a must for capturing all of the fun. Don’t forget your torch either, falling over the guy lines on the way back to your tent is never a good move and this awesome headlamp means you’ll have your hands free too.

5. Toiletries – vital! 

Festivals may be muddy, shower-free zones but there’s no need to let that cramp your style. Dry shampoo is a lifesaver, and you can never have enough wet wipes. Also remember to pack suncream because fingers crossed the sun will make an appearance!

So there you have it, my checklist for staying stress-free this festival season, so you can spend all of your time dancing, singing and enjoying the sunshine.

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8th August 2013
Written by Very_Lauren

Posted by: Helen Henshaw 11 August 2013