Winter Running (No, really!)


Winter is well and truly here and with such cold weather it’s not surprising that our natural instincts are to wrap up in the duvet and snuggle down in front of the TV. However there are some plus points to getting out there and pounding the pavement:


  • A guilt free Christmas dinner, and after all that running you deserve an extra mince pie… or three.
  • Nobody will be dawdling along, so you’ll pretty much have the paths and roads to yourself.
  • The fresh air is perfect for waking you up and getting rid of those winter blues. Plus you’ll have a chance to see some sunlight!
  • The outfits are awesome! And as it’s all about layers you can buy plenty of cool running gear under the guise of dressing sensibly for the weather.


On that last point, here are the things you’ll need to hit the ground running:


  • A soft shell jacket. As you run you’ll certainly warm up (it will happen, promise!) and you’ll need a jacket that won’t make you uncomfortably hot. Soft shell style jackets are perfectly designed for this, with vents and waterproof material to ensure you can get out there whatever the weather. Another bonus is they tend to have lots of pockets, ideal for you keys, phone and MP3 player.
  • Running leggings. Again, these are designed to adjust to your needs as you warm up, run and then cool down.  Ones that end at the ankle are ideal, but so long as they are fitted and below they knee they’ll do the job. Many runners also add a pair of shorts so they don’t feel like they’re running around in their tights (myself included!)
  • Gloves and earmuffs. A hat will mean you get very warm very fast, but earmuffs or a winter headband are ideal for keeping your ears nice and toasty without the risk of over heating.
  • Reflective clothing. This is a must if you’re planning on going out in the dark. Lots of soft shell jackets have reflective strips along with fun colours and cool designs, so there’s no excuse not to be safe.


So you’ve got the outfit, now all you need is the motivation! Here are some top tips to get you out the door:


  • Set yourself a goal. Nothing will make you get out there more than the thought of an upcoming event. Nobody wants to embarrass themselves limping across the finish line because they haven’t trained, so sign up to something. The running season begins in March, so there will be plenty of events to get you training – everything from a 5k right up to a marathon!
  • Put your clothes on the radiator. Do this before you set off running so you’re nice and toasty. You can thank me later for such a genius idea.
  • Take extra time to warm up. Even with your snuggly outfit  it’s important to be properly stretched, otherwise you’re more likely to pull something and end up back on the sofa where you started.
  • Drink plenty of water. This is just as important in the winter months so don’t forget your water bottle.
  • Find a running buddy! On those days when you really just can’t face it, having a running buddy will certainly get you moving.


So get out there and run! Go on… Do it! Love Aimee x


p.s I also write about my fitness adventures and challenges over at my Honorary Scouse blog. Have a spy!

28th November 2013
Written by Very_Lauren