Celebrity Style Steal: Selena Gomez’s Sophisticated Suit

Is it just me or is Selena Gomez power-dressing? The Disney star turned pop sensation looked very sophisticated at the Teen Choice in LA and something tells me this may be because she is more in control of her love life. She’s reportedly been on a couple of secret dates with on-off boyfriend Justin Bieber and the ball’s in her court. Only when he’s proved he’s trustworthy will they get back together officially. She’s the boss!

I always think dressing like you mean business helps you to be more confident so I’m loving Selena’s outfit. With September approaching, this is the ideal look to show your workplace you’re back and refreshed after the summer break. You may not feel like going back but if you look good it makes it a whole lot easier. I think the South textured fashion jacket and the South cotton sateen trousers are a good match and you can add some extra style with some metallic shoes like the Oasis sparkle court shoes.


When you have an outfit as fierce as this you don’t want to scare everyone with your make-up so keep it simple like Selena. Her nails are au naturel with polish like the Nails Inc Nail Kale Mayfair shade and her lips have a hint of pink gloss. I love the Bourjois Effet 3D in Rose Hypothetic!

Going back to work doesn’t have to be depressing now, does it?

Love Zoex

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20th August 2014
Written by Zoe Griffin