Hello Very.co.uk readers, my name is Scarlett Dixon and I blog over at scarlettlondon.com.

Although I’m a blogger by name, nature and trade, the one thing I love more than anything is organising events. As a child, I used to plan various themed parties, shows and Christmas plays – roping in my cousins – the majority of whom were boys, so as you can imagine, they were delighted.

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Recently, with the help of Very.co.uk, I hosted the first ever #bloggersfestival in Central London, which attracted 140 fabulous writers, journalists and bloggers. There’s something so satisfying when a ‘plan comes together’, especially when you’ve been working on it religiously for months at a time, so an event of this scale and magnitude was particularly gratifying and I’m so excited to be able to share all the details of the big day with you.

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The initial idea behind the #bloggersfestival was to create a relaxed, friendly and welcoming environment for bloggers of all genres to network, chat and do what they do best – blog. When considering ‘activities’ for the day itself, I soon realised that I’d need to approach a couple of brands to showcase products and create the much needed ‘buzz’ that bloggers generate so effortlessly. However, rather than accept every offer that came my way – I wanted to include brands that I genuinely loved and could vouch for personally.

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So imagine my delight when Very.co.uk got in touch – and were actually interested in coming along! As a go-to site for everything fashion, furnishings and accessories related, I have been a Very customer for years and couldn’t wait for the attendees to share my passion for such a well rounded, affordable and high quality site.

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And so with an amazing array of brands in attendance, all that was left was to find a photogenic backdrop for the hundreds of impending Instagram photos on the horizon. With panoramic views of London and a gorgeous interior, the Level 31 events space at Paramount, Centre Point made the perfect first impression, with the addition of a swooping bar and a circular layout (ideal for filtering in and out and chatting to brands).

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As the day approached, I did have a few butterflies about whether anyone would actually turn up (this is always a worry with events) however at 3.30 on the dot, lift-loads of excitable bloggers filtered into the room, stopping for a glass of strawberry or raspberry prosecco on the way, before mingling with brands, networking with fellow bloggers and snapping the view.

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With a plethora of cupcakes, cookies and cocktails on offer, the bloggers in attendance were certainly in for a treat, amplified by the amazing displays dotted throughout the venue. Very.co.uk had their designers create a stunning showcase for their new Definitions collection – which went down extremely well with our fashion bloggers. Tweets streamed in from the very beginning, commenting on the Christmassy party dresses, gorgeous fabrics and goodie bags (which were packed with statement necklaces and a copy of the magazine).

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Although the day itself took months of planning, the 3-hour timeslot went as quick as a flash and I’m already missing the bundle of excited nerves the impending event provided.

I’d love to take the opportunity to thank Very.co.uk, as without their sponsorship, the event itself wouldn’t have been possible. I feel truly privileged to have worked with such a well established and fantastic brand and cannot wait to start my future collaborations with them. Watch this space!

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Photography c/o Joseph Kent (unlimitedbyjk.com)

23rd September 2014
Written by Very_Lauren