Film Premiere Exclusive: Angelina Looks Angelic At Unbroken Opening

Is Angelina Jolie the most caring movie star ever? It was only recently that she voluntarily spoke at the UN about female victims of war and now she is actively campaigning to give war heros the recognition they deserve. Her latest movie Unbroken, which she directs rather than acts in, was a personal mission for her to bring the war story of her Hollywood neighbour Louis Zampaini to life.

Sadly, Louis died aged 97 before the film could be released but instead she got a lot of British heroes of the armed forces to walk the red carpet with her and give them the recognition they deserve. She even left husband Brad Pitt back at the hotel so the armed forces got more attention. She deserves to wear the colour white – she’s pretty Angelic.

Unbroken is a really gripping film, mainly because it’s a true story. Before the war, John Zampaini was an Olympic athlete. During the war, while on a rescue mission Louis’s plane crashed in the Pacific Ocean, leaving him stranded and drifting 2000 miles in a small raft for 47 days. Emaciated and near death, he was rescued, by the Japanese. Against the odds he survived numerous prisoner of war camps then found faith and forgave many of the guards who had held him captive. But the film is a real life and death struggle and has you on the edge of your seat.


Leading actor Jack O’Connell, photographed above with Ange,  deserves an Oscar for this performance. It’s a world apart from how we previously saw him on trashy British TV show Skins!

The more I look at Angelina’s white dress, the more I like it as it stands out on a dark night. It’s also quite Christmassy – red, white and green are the festive colours, I think.


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30th November 2014
Written by Zoe Griffin