World Book Day 2015

I love reading, and I have done since I was a child. I could go as far as to say I can become ‘involved’ with books, in that they take over my life and find sometimes that I can’t put them down. It’s so wonderful to see children enthusiastic about books, starting with the allure brightly coloured picture books, such as the nursery rhymes we know so well , or well-loved characters such as Peppa Pig, or Princess Sofia.  When it comes to story time children sit deadly silent, minds racing imaging the magical world that is leaping off the page at them.

Nursery Rhymes Peppa Pig Princess Sofia

It is not surprising then, that ‘World Book Day 2015’ will be celebrating its 18th year on the 5th March 2015. Not only does it allow for all book lovers to celebrate, but is the perfect time to encourage those less interested in books, to pick one up & see just how great they are!

I remember celebrating world book day at school and the complete buzz around the whole event. Being able to dress up as your favourite character, crying ‘who are you going as?!’ in the run up. The fun competitions & looking through a shiny brochure of books, trying to decide which one you would go for that year. My first copy of Harry Potter and the Philosophers stone was actually bought on world book day, and I remember barely being able to contain myself until I got home. I used to sneakily stay up late under the covers with a torch, terrifying myself with ‘He who shall not be named’!

I have got to say, out of all of the many books I read as a child; Roald Dahl has got to be my favourite author.  Most of his books have now been transformed into films, but I still think you can’t beat reading his swishwifflingly scrumdiddlyumptious stories straight off the page. The characters he has created be it from poor Charlie Bucket, winning the opportunity of a lifetime to meet the kooky Willy Wonka, the gentle hearted BFG, the amazing Matilda or the Fantastic Mr Fox can take you on their adventures with them, the up and downs of real life (with a magical twist of course) and give you a warm fuzzy feeling inside at the end of it.

Charlie Bucket Willy WonkaBFG 

Matilda, Fantastic Mr Fox

Another favourite of mine growing up where fairy tales, Princesses living in castles with magical creatures and everyday objects coming to life, sword fights and dragons and the fairies that help them along the way- the list of those books is endless because there is so much magic involved- even the adults are getting in on it now, with books like Game of Thrones!

Snow whiteSleeping Beauty  SpyroKnight  Tudor PrincessFairy Princess

Disney Princess Shimmer Snow White, Disney Princess Shimmer Sleeping Beauty, Skylanders Spyro,

Boys Crusader Knight, Girls Tudor Princess, Fairy Princess

You cannot forget the classics of course… books children have been reading for years and years, and will still be reading in years to come. J.M Barrie’s adventures of a little boy who refuses to grown up, Peter Pan and his arch enemy Captain Hook who is forever running from the ticking crocodile, the magical Nanny with her never ending carpet bag Mary Poppins, the ever heroic Robin Hood and his band of merry men, Dorothy and her adventures in the land of Oz, Alice chasing Mister Rabbit down the rabbit hole to Wonderland and Little Red Riding Hood and her encounter with the big bad wolf.

Peter PanCaptin Hook Crocodile  Mary Poppins

Robin Hood Dorothy Rabbit Red Riding Hood

New classics are being made every day, and you will find more and more celebrities writing books, & not just autobiographies – but kids books that silly that it will have them in creased with laughter. McFly’s Tom & Dougie’s books take introduce you to a dinosaur that poops, A LOT- including pooping the past amongst other things. And comedian David Walliams writes for slightly older kids, including his story of the Awful Auntie .

Dinosaur that pooped the past Awful AuntieI could talk about books for forever and a day- but as always, its best to have less talk more action…so what book will you be getting stuck into this year?



26th February 2015
Written by Leanne Morley

Posted by: A. P. Bullard 27 February 2015

This post brought me such joy and nostalgia! I loved dressing up as my favorite characters as a kid, though generally stuck to Belle and Dracula because the costumes were easiest to do. I am so excited to know that the love of reading will be shared with children around the world.