Want perfect hair for any occasion then we have the “Curl” Secret…

More Than Just #TheDress

The social mediasphere may have gone crazy about #TheDress, but here at Very HQ we know that there is a lot more to your perfect outfit than just the dress! You’ve got to pick the perfect shoes, the bag, the accessories and most importantly the perfect hair!

With spring just around the corner no doubt the prom dress, wedding dress or special occasion dress hunt has begun and things might get a little bit stressful! So, to help you along the way (no we can’t conjure up your fairy-tale dress unfortunately), we’ve pulled together some of our favourite hairstyles which we’re currently crushing over – and showing you just how to create these glamorous dos from the comfort of your own room.

It’s a Curl Thing

There’s just something so elegant about beautifully structured, but undone curls. The catwalks love them, the fashion magazines love them and we can’t get enough of them.

You’ve got your perfect dress and are keen to pair your outfit with some wonderful curls, but like many of us have two left hands when it comes to wands and tongs –

Curl Secret is your answer. BaByliss have solved all our curling dramas and now, within minutes, you can have a head full of beautiful, even, perfect curls. It may look a little daunting, but it’s the easiest thing to use and actually quite fast – perfect for creating curls for your up, down and half-half hair do’s.

Curl Secret

How to Get the Look:

  • Prep your hair ensuring it’s clean, without styling products, dry and brushed through thoroughly.
  • Section you hair using clips into section no wider than approximately 3cm.
  • Taking the first section, insert the hair into the styler with the open part of the curl chamber facing towards the head and firmly close the handles. Let go of the hair and it will be gently drawn into the secret curl chamber*
  • Keep the handles closed firmly and hold the styler still so you do not apply tension to the hair. Once all the hair is drawn in you will hear 3 slow beeps…. And lastly a series of quick beeps together. Tada your curl is ready!
  • Making sure the handles are fully open, slowly release the hair from the chamber revealing your beautiful curl.
  • Repeat until all hair is curled.
  • To finish, ruffle the curls from the underside which will blend them and give them this beautiful undone finish; then spritz on some hairspray and you’re ready to go party!


  • The Curl Secret has variable heat and time settings for different hair and curl types. To achieve this undone look, opt for a slightly lower temperature, or a shorter time than usual – this will make the curls you create looser and more free flowing.
  • The Curl Secret can be used on short and long hair ( not recommended for hair below bust length). To allow for the hair to fit in the curling chamber, longer hair lengths may require thinner sections of hair, or you can start the curl lower down the hair. But don’t worry – if your section of hair is ever too big – the Curl Secret will tell you and will gently release the hair! Genius!


Free-flowing, Dreamy Waves

If it’s a half-half do you’re looking to pair with your dress; free-flowing waves full of volume will add a touch of glamour to your look in an instant – and it’s a lot easier to achieve than you may think. For this look we turn to our trusted TRESemmé Salon Shine Waves Wand. Whilst it may take a few goes to get the hang of using a wand, it’ll soon enough be your go-to product for adding gentle movement and bounce to your hair.

TRESemme 2804KU Salon Shines Waves Wand

How to get The Look:

  • Prep your hair ensuring it’s clean, dry and brushed through thoroughly. For added protection, gently mist your hair with heat protection spray.
  • Using clips, divide your hair in to even sections, approximately 2 inches wide.
  • Ensuring your Salon Shine Waves wand is at the correct temperature* take the first section of hair at the bottom and wrap the hair around the barrel. For this look, we suggest starting the curl about 5 inches down the hair for a more undone look.
  • Carry on curling the hair sections until all the hair is done. Gently spritz on some medium- strong hold hairspray and allow to set.
  • To finish, using your fingers, comb through the curls from the underside of the hair to allow the curls to blend.
  • To style, starting at ear level, pull the top half of the hair back gently and secure with a grip or a pretty clip – a beautiful half up/ half down do for your special event.


  • The TRESemmé Salon Shine Waves wand has 3 heat settings, adjustable for different hair types


Messy Bun – but not as you know it.

You may associate the “messy bun” with unruly second or third day hair that you just pop up on to the crown of our head when running late or lounging at home. But a relaxed, non-doughnut-ring stuffed bun with a little bit of texture can look ever so pretty and we love it!

BaByliss Diamond Wand

How to get The Look:

Texture is the key to this ever-so-easy look and to achieve this we suggest using the BaByliss Diamond Waves Wand. This wand is perfect for achieving more spiralled curls and the great thing about this look is that both the curling and pinning up doesn’t need to be precise – making it super simple and super glamorous.

 To curl the hair:

  • Prep your hair ensuring it’s clean, dry and brushed through thoroughly.
  • Section your hair to manageable sections. They do not need to be even, but no wider than 2 inches.
  • Starting from the bottom sections, take the Diamond Waves wand and wrap the first section of hair around the barrel; hold for 5-10 seconds (depending on your hair type), and release.
  • Continue curling your hair sections until all the hair is fully curled and gently mist with some hairspray to secure.
  • Using your fingers, ruffle the curls from the underneath and run your fingers through the curls to blend them together a little.

The bun.

  • Part your hair where desired and then gently ease the hair back into a low back or side ponytail – ensuring you don’t pull the hair (which would flatten the curls and texture you’ve just created). -Holding the base of the ponytail, gently wrap the remainder of the hair around the base and secure with hair grips so it stays in place.
  • It doesn’t matter if there are a few flyaway curls in the bun, nor if a few front strands of hair have come loose-it all adds to the beautiful effect of this messy but elegant bun.

Now we hope we’ve covered all bases for the look you may want to acheieve, whatever the occassion.  Make sure your hair is looking perfect.

Love the Very Beauty Team x


29th March 2015
Written by Very_Beauty_Team

Posted by: Ingrid M 29 April 2015

Just what I need I have never managed to curl my hair.

Posted by: Bal Nuro 1 April 2015

this look a perfect tools for hair.