Sweet Dreams

Sixteen switches for a relaxing and worthwhile rest! They’re so easy, you can do them while you sleep. Well, before bed…

1. Leave-in conditioner

Put onto dry, parched ends to nourish your hair.

2.  The silk secret

Cotton pillowcases can cause hair to frizz. Swap to silk ones to help reduce unnecessary breakage. 

3. Braid before bed

Wake to mermaid-style locks without the heat damage. Plait damp hair before bed and remember that the smaller the section, the tighter the wave.

4. Hand cream

Smother a generous layer of hydrating lotion on your hands and feet.

5. Zap zits

Soothe spots while you sleep by applying tea tree oil on your blemishes. Its disinfecting properties will help reduce redness and won’t strip your skin of its natural oils.

6. Root cause

Avoid waking up to flat hair caused by greasy roots and use a dry shampoo before bed. Spritz under the hair, close to the roots and scrunch in until the white powder disappears.

7. Brush your lips

Gently exfoliate your lips with your toothbrush and then lock in moisture with an enriching balm.

8. Cold creams

Applying eye cream prior to nodding off is no secret, but how about keeping the product in the fridge? The cooling effect will help to reduce puffiness and comfort your weary peepers.

9. Try a humidifier

For softer skin, use a humidifier. It adds moisture to the air, so it’s perfect for when the heating is on.

10. Rest easy

Make sure to get at least eight hours of shut-eye a night. Aim to turn off your phone and tablet screens 60 minutes before turning in. They emit blue light which can disturb your sleep pattern.

11. Cleanse

Don’t drop off without removing your make-up. It can attract blemish-causing bacteria.

12. All white

Once a week, dip your toothbrush into some bicarbonate of soda, polish your teeth and rinse. Do it before bed for the best results.

13. Hair mare

Keep your locks off your face while you snooze to prevent breakouts.

14. Oil up

Suffer from hard hangnails? Massage cuticle oil onto your nail beds for total rehydration.

15. Night cream

Whatever your age, use a night lotion or a restorative serum on cleansed skin. These products are able to work their magic without any disruption from cosmetics, the sun and pollution.

 16. Joint care

Zones like your knees, elbows and any other areas that are prone to excessive dryness will benefit from an overnight hydrating hit.

19th January 2016
Written by Vanessa Margetts