V by Very Designer on the Journey of Your Clothes

It’s a dream job for many: travelling through time zones for cultural inspiration, gaining the first glimpse of new-season silhouettes and fabrics, and scouring markets for one-off finds. V by Very Designer Holly Clare is living that dream – I caught up with her to discover where she finds inspiration, how she got into fashion design and how your clothes go from first sketch to final stitch…

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Holly Clare designing for V by Very


First of all, where do you get your design inspiration from?

We find inspiration from loads of sources; vintage markets, global shopping, runways, magazines, popular culture, celebrity culture…

How long roughly does it take to design an item?

Roughly, it takes eight months from trend concept to delivery. However, we are working hard to react faster and smarter, so in some areas we can go from sketch to delivery in six weeks.

What steps are involved in designing a product?

We begin by researching current trends within the market place and then start creating mood boards, looking at suitable colour palettes based on our findings. Next, we shop the trend boards, visit vintage markets to discover key shapes and prints and we take trips to overseas cities of interest for inspiration.

Once we have a firm idea of what we’re aiming for, we sketch out the item and include swatches of fabric, before visiting our fabrics in FE to ensure the design interpretation is correct. Once we receive the sample, we get approval from the heads of our department and then the product goes online for the customer to buy.

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How did you get into fashion design?

I’ve always had a keen interest in fashion. With a love for shopping and creating my own individual look at school, this led me into a fashion design course and it all went from there really.

What’s the best bit about your job?

Creating a garment that loads of people purchase and then seeing it worn in ‘real life’. Travel is an amazing buzz too!

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By Laura Taylor, Fashion Writer for Very

8th September 2016
Written by Laura Taylor