Golden Globes 2017: The Hottest Celeb Outfits

The Golden Globe Awards are traditionally one of the most star-studded events of January and the 2017 show was as A’list as ever! The stars from film and television gathered at the Beverly Hilton in LA to find out who had won what and to gossip with their fellow stars. The Globes are as much a networking event as they are an awards ceremony as they’re the first awards ceremony of the year and a chance for all the celebs to catch up with each other after the holidays.

As celebrities are a competitive group and knew they would be seeing all their rivals as well as their friends, everyone went to an extra effort to make sure their outfits would get them on the Best Dressed list. In fact, the stars could measure how good their night would be by seeing how long the photographers stopped to take their picture as they walk down the red carpet. If the photographers wanted them to stop for ages, it’s a compliment and gives them lots of confidence that their outfit has totally worked.

At this year’s awards, the 74t Golden Globes, there were several celebs that brought their A’game. There also seemed to be a theme as there was lots of bling and sparkle! All celebrities wore something that shone, either in the colour of their dress or in the embellishments on the dress. Let’s take a closer look:

Reese Witherspoon

There can be no denying that Reese’s dress shone. Her yellow dress had the effect of making everyone look twice. It’s a lovely pastel colour so it looked soft against the colour of her skin rather than bold and she topped it off with a statement gold necklace. She looked beautiful but it didn’t look like she’d tried too hard as the colour was light rather than brassy.

Naomie Harris

It was great to see a British actress on the red carpet who is successful internationally for her role in James Bond and looked every inch the acting diva in a gold maxi dress. She’s a great ambassador for the UK showing that us Brits have style and talent!

Naomi Campbell

The other Naomi also looked stunning, but then what else could you expect from someone who’s been a leading fashion model for more than 25 years? Her silver dress certainly shone on the red carpet and contrasted against the black stripes of the dress. The stripes are only small, which means that the silver colour stands out more – it’s a clever trick if you want to make a superstar arrival! Silver and gold always stand out at a party.

Nicole Kidman

Another way to make silver stand out is to contrast it with white like Nicole Kidman did. She looked incredible in a white and silver maxi dress with a long silk train. Silk and sequins – how can you get more fabulous than that?

Sofia Vergara

The Modern Family actress always gets onto the Best Dressed lists and this year is no exception! Her gold dress is truly show-stopping and she lets it stand out properly because she pulls her hair back tightly to let the dress take centre stage. With a dress like this you have to wear it properly or don’t go for gold. With gold, there are no half measures.

Emma Stone

Emma looked pretty and feminine in a cream maxi dress embellished with silver stars. This is no ordinary dress, it’s a dress for someone with personality. If you like to be one of a kind, try to find a dress with a unique pattern as patterns are hard to copy.

Drew Barrymore

Drew channelled the 1920s with a Great Gatsby style cream dress with silver embellishment. Can you see what we mean about gold and silver being the colours of the night now? A vintage style dress at an awards ceremony or formal occasion always goes down well as it’s a talking point. You’ve kept to the dress code but you’ve done it in a clever way and you can guarantee everyone will ask Drew where she got her dress.

Blake Lively

The new mum looked super slender and slim in a black maxi dress. But this is not just any ordinary black dress thanks to the long train and the gold detail around the hips and the neckline. Black and gold are a classic combination and with this dress you have the slimming effect of black and the party-ready effect of gold.

Kristen Bell

The Frozen actress wowed the crowds in a black sequin maxi dress. There are a lot of sequins in this dress! Again, it stands out from an average black dress due to all the sparkles. Sparkles are the way forward right now!

Whose dress was the most mesmerising, in your opinion? Are you ready to sparkle more in 2017?

Love Zoex

10th January 2017
Written by Zoe Griffin