The Best Ever Golden Globe Awards Outfits

Just when the weather gets into the minus figures at night and it gets dark really early, awards season comes around and cheers us all up. The Golden Globes is one of the first awards in the series of award ceremonies that climaxes in the Oscars at the end of February. The honours are given to stars in film and television so we see a lot more stars on the red carpet than we do at the Oscars but the dress code is equally fabulous. What’s not to like about all that red carpet glamour?

The 2017 Golden Globes take place on Sunday 8 January so in celebration of this year’s awards, let’s have a look at some of the best ever outfits worn to the Golden Globes. It’s January – what more excuse do we need to look at lovely party dresses to lift our spirits?

Jennifer Lawrence (2016)

Last year, J-Law won Best Actress in a Musical for the film Joy and she was definitely a winner in the fashion stakes too. Her red maxi dress was really striking because of it’s simple, elegant shape. If you’re wearing a bold colour then keeping the style of the dress simple gives your look more impact. It’s a sophisticated way to stand out.

Jennifer Lopez (2015)

JLo doesn’t do things by halves does she? She looked a cross between a Grecian Goddess and a mermaid at the 2015 awards. I love the way how her sparkly grey maxi dress flows out behind her as she walks so that she gets to stay on the red carpet for longer. Her dress has a plunging neckline and a high thigh split but technically it’s still a maxi dress so she’s not flashing as much flesh as she has done in previous years – very clever!

Lupita Nyongo’o (2014)

The Twelve Years a Slave actress suits bold colours and often wears a lot of colourful prints, but there was something especially striking about this sleeveless red maxi dress. It contrasts beautifully with her skin tone and it grabs everyone’s attention when it stands out on a dark night. If you want to arrive in style on a night out, a red dress like this will work every time.

Halle Berry (2011)

Halle looked so elegant in a black lace maxi dress when she walked the red carpet in 2011. This look is soft, pretty and feminine as the train of the skirt floats behind her in the breeze. In this outfit, she looks super elegant and the simple silver heels finish this look perfectly.

Charlize Theron (2012)

Wow! Talk about a statement dress. Charlize transforms a warm  toned cream maxi dress into something magnificent with the addition of a big bow and a thigh split. There’s no mistake that she’s wearing the dress rather than it wearing her as she pouts defiantly on the red carpet, knowing that she looks hot. A thigh split in a maxi dress has the effect of making you feel a little bit more fabulous – try it!

Beyonce (2009)

Beyonce knows a thing or two about dressing for an awards ceremony and always has – even back in 2009 she set pulses racing in a gorgeous gold maxi dress. Gold will always get you in the mood to party, however you’re feeling before you get dressed. If you’re feeling a bit low after December’s indulgences, get something gold on and it will transform your mindset and make you want to get back on the dancefloor where you belong!

Who do you think looked the best of the best? Don’t forget to tune into the awards on Sunday 8 January on E! from 11pm to see this year’s red carpet looks!

Love Zoex

7th January 2017
Written by Zoe Griffin