Coachella: See The Stars’ Festival Style

Coachella marks the start of festival season. As it’s in America’s Palm Springs, the weather is gorgeous and there are lots of pool parties (as opposed to wading through mud at UK festivals like Glastonbury). For this reason, not only is it the first festival of the year it’s probably also the most glam festival of the year.

As it’s so close to LA, it’s packed with celebs who have images to maintain and access to stylists. So if you want some inspiration about what to wear to a festival later this year, let’s look at the top 10 best dressed at Coachella:

(1) Lottie Moss

Kate’s younger sister follows in her sibling’s cool footsteps and has the boho look nailed. A hat is an essential festival item as you can hide unwashed hair under it and Lottie keeps the rest of the look simple with a bardot top and a maxi skirt. Sometimes less is more, especially if you want your accessories to stand out.

(2) Jourdan Dunn

She’s got impressive abs, so there’s no doubt Jourdan would want to show them off with a crop top. But she also wants to have some fun with fashion at the festival as it’s the ideal time to experiment – anything goes. Her lightweight silk suit is loose enough to keep her cool in the heat and the colour is bright and playful – she rocks it!

(3) Rita Ora

If you can’t do double suede with a pop-Cowgirl look at a festival, when can you? Rita’s outfit is pretty bold but cowboy boots and a suede jacket are a cute alternative to wellies and a parka if it’s dry. Can you tell she wants to get noticed?

(4) Alessandra Ambrosio

The Victoria’s Secret model wears another of a festival’s essential items – denim. Denim shorts are especially useful at a festival as they can be worn come rain or shine to help you get a tan or to ensure that your legs don’t get damp and sticky in trousers if it rains. A denim jacket is easy to wear and you can easily wear it tied around your waist when you get hot dancing.

(5) Nicole Richie 

Nicole’s been busy being a mother so we haven’t seen her partying for ages, but she still looks effortlessly cool. Also in denim shorts, she’s dressing for comfort to ensure she doesn’t let thinking about ruining an outfit spoil any festival fun. Her Converse are a good touch – you can jump around and dance all night in footwear like that.

(6) Emma Roberts

Julia Roberts’ actress niece looks just like her with the big hair and the endless legs – she’s so pretty! A white dress is ideal in the sun, probably for the first day of a festival for the day you arrive as it wouldn’t look so pristine after day 2 or 3. But if you want to turn heads when you arrive, a white dress is an ideal way to do it.

(7) Leona Lewis

Clashing prints and bold florals look totally fabulous on Leona. This is not a look you could pull off every day but it looks amazing at a summer festival. The bold multicolour trousers make everyone look twice but the outfit is also flattering thanks to the crop top showing off her slim waist. It’s OTT but it suits her and a festival is one occasion where you can get away with wearing more colour than you would in every day life.

(8) Poppy Delevingne

Denim shorts – check. Warm sports jacket – check. You can tell Poppy’s a veteran at festivals. She even had her hen do at Coachella one year. With an outfit like this, Poppy’s saying she’s too cool to dress up but you can tell she’s thought about the jacket as it’s very unique – everyone else is in denim or suede jackets.

(9) Olivia Culpo

It’s not your average festival look, but then Coachella is not a typical festival and you can be smart as there’s no mud. Olivia looked fresh and cool in her jumpsuit, which she wore to one of the festival’s retreats. It’s unlikely that she danced to much music that day, but she did look summery. You could definitely dress this down with trainers for a chic arrival look.

(10) Amber Rose

There aren’t many places where you could get away with wearing a blazer over a swimsuit but the style rules are more relaxed at festivals. Experimenting is positively encouraged and if the weather’s good, why not? After all, some denim hotpants are more revealing than swimsuits! What do you think? The yellow jacket is pretty awesome.

Who do you think pulled off festival style the best? Looking at the stars above, we need denim shorts, a hat, a pretty arrivals outfit and a show-off outfit if we’re to nail the festival fashion this season.

Love Zoex

19th April 2017
Written by Zoe Griffin