Vogue’s 100th Birthday: Who Wore What

Vogue Magazine has been running for 100 years and they couldn’t let that occasion pass without a massive party. All the celebs that had been on the front cover recently attended and wore some incredible dresses. When Vogue invites you to an event, you have to show that you know what’s on trend or what’s ahead of the trends.

This makes that party great inspiration for us. We know that the stars did a lot of research to get the right outfit and so if we look at what they wore and copy it, we’re guaranteed to get something right.

The best dressed celebs were:

Kim Kardashian

Kim really made sure everyone looked at her as she showed off her post-baby weight loss in a sheer long sleeve maxi dress. The exact outfit is maybe not one to copy but I like the shape of the maxi dress and there are a lot of dresses with flirty mesh embellishments available right now.

Kate Moss

Kate kept things simple in a sophisticated long sleeve black maxi dress. I think she stands out in this more because it’s a bit different to her usual rock chick style – she looks quite ladylike. This dress is great for a formal occasion as it makes anyone look classy and chic.


Cheryl went for a fashion-forward look with over the knee boots and a black mini dress and looked like she had her own style going on. An important part of fashion is wearing something that gives you confidence and makes you feel powerful and you wouldn’t mess with Cheryl in an outfit like this. It’s fierce!

Lara Stone

David Walliams’ model ex-wife showed she wasn’t wasting time crying over the split – she went out and looked fabulous! I love the cut-out and monochrome effect on the black maxi dress. There are a million ways to wear a black maxi dress as you can keep it chic and classy like Kate Moss or be bold with monochrome like Lara.

Alexa Chung

Alexa always looks a bit different from everyone else and she looked stunning in a culotte jumpsuit. A jumpsuit is always a way to get noticed at a formal event and it’s also usually more comfortable than wearing a dress as you feel more secure in it. What do you think?

Lily Donaldson

This was one of my fave looks of the night as a red maxi dress really stands out if everyone around you is wearing black. If you want to be adventurous without going for something multi-coloured then wear red!

Demi Moore

I don’t know how Demi Moore manages to look so youthful, but I think wearing great clothes does help. I loved her sequin maxi dress as it sparkled when she moved. We saw at the Billboard 100 awards that sequins are really on trend and Demi nailed it. Well done her!

Who do you think looked the most glamorous?

Love Zoex

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Billboard Awards 2016: Best Dressed

The Billboard Music Awards celebrate the most popular musicians and singers in the Billboard Top 100 charts – they’re a big deal as they’re based on music the public are buying. The event was covered live on the E! channel, which also covers the Oscars, and the Billboard awards are just as important to the music industry.

As the celebs know they’ll be watched by millions around the world on TV as well as having their photo in all the magazines, they make a real effort to stand out. They don’t just dress up, they dress to ensure that they look the best. This year, I think a lot of stars looked stunning, especially the ones who worked the metallic look. It was a sunny day in LA and the stars who went for silver and sequins really shone in the sun.

These are my personal favourite outfits:

Britney Spears

Britney’s back! Britney’s performing nightly at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas and it’s done wonders for her figure. She won the Millenium award, recognising all her work over the past decade and she showed the audience just how much she deserved it by opening the awards with a spectacular pole-dancing performance. After all that, why wouldn’t she show off in a silver dress – she’s proud of what she’s achieved and she looks gorgeous.


Ciara also went for a silver and her silver maxi dress attracted everyone’s attention. Singers are used to wearing dramatic costumes on the stage and so they know just what to wear on the red carpet to make people stop and stare. I love it!

Kelly Rowland

Move over Beyonce! Former Destiny’s Child Kelly Rowland looked bootylicious in a sequin and white maxi dress. I loved the fishtail effect as it made her curves look incredible. She’s also a former X factor judge and she definitely has the X Factor in this maxi dress.

Ariana Grande

Ariana was one of the few celebs who didn’t go for metallics, but her blue maxi dress was pretty attention grabbing! The halterneck gives her a feminine shape and I like how she’s pulled her hair back to make the most of the neckline. Ariana’s been doing tons of press recently to promote her latest album and she always looks incredible – it’s impressive!


I love Rihanna’s attitude. She wears exactly what she wants, regardless of any dress code. She knows what her best assets are – her super long legs – and so she often dresses to show them off just like she did in this mini dress. I don’t blame her because if you know what suits you, you should wear similar things as much as possible. Worn with a smile and attitude, you can get away with anything.

Meghan Trainor

Meghan looked really pretty in a sequin dress. She’s got a great hourglass shape and this long sleeve dress really enhances it. The sequins reflected the cameras flashbulbs and helped her to make a dramatic entrance. That was her turn to take centre stage and she made the most of every single minute of it.

Mila Kunis

Mila attended the event with her man Ashton Kutcher and made the most of it in a strapless mini dress. She must have upstaged some of the singers as this look is worthy of an award even though Mila doesn’t sing. It’s a perfect look for a summer party – you won’t over heat and that means you can dance all night long!

Kate Beckinsale

I loved the British actress’s white maxi dress. It looked chic and elegant, and she looked pretty without it looking like she’d tried too hard. White is the ideal colour for summer as it enhances most skin tones and makes you look more tanned. What do you think?

Who do you think looked the best? I couldn’t believe how many stars wore metallics – it was almost like the Met Ball gala all over again. It’s clearly a popular way to stand out this summer.

Love Zoex

How Models And Celebs Party In Jeans

I can’t remember the last time I saw a celeb wearing jeans to a glam showbiz party, but that all changes when a denim company hosts the event. Replay jeans hosted a spectacular party this week and invited lots of celebrity denim fans to put on their finest jeans and join them at Selfridges.

The guest list consisted of Victoria’s Secret models, TV presenters and singers showing that denim appeals to everyone. Also, there is a style of denim to suit everyone – whatever their figure and personality. Here are some examples of what the stars wore and how they wore them with different styles of tops to give us some inspiration about ways to wear jeans for a night-time event. Jeans can be dressy as well as casual!

Look at:

Alessandra Ambrosio

The Victoria’s Secret model looked stunning in black skinny jeans and made them more suitable for a party by working a monochrome look and adding some leather. A biker jacket adds attitude to any outfit! I also liked her pretty black sandals, which contrasted nicely with the rock chick biker jacket. Jeans and heels are the ultimate combination, especially when you’re wearing super tight skinny jeans.

Laura Whitmore

Laura also went for sky-high heels and black skinny jeans, which really lengthened her legs. I liked how she kept things simple in black as it made the overall look very classy. The black blouse looks almost boho, and the whole outfit is very feminine. Laura has a fab dress sense!

Vogue Williams

The Irish TV presenter is proud of her abs and rightly so! There’s no doubting that you’re in a party mood when you wear a crop top and nobody was looking at her black jeans – they were too busy looking at her stomach. The red heels are a nice touch, making the look more playful.

Sarah Jane Crawford

The former Xtra Factor presenter opted for colour, giving us a nod to Spring in a pretty purple top. Notice that it’s a simple block colour rather than multi-colours – this looks more sophisticated. The overall look is feminine but without it looking as if she’s tried too hard. This is a great day to night look for a Spring day – what do you think?

Diana Vickers

The singer showed off that she was every inch a stage performer with dark blue skinny jeans and a contrasting bright gold blazer. It’s bold, but I love how she wears it with confidence by tying it up like a cape. If you’re wearing a blazer with skinny jeans, it looks really flattering if you have one that stops just below the waist as it will make you look slimmer and give you a nice hourglass silhouette.

How do you wear your jeans for a night out?

Love Zoex


Celeb Interview- Nathan Sykes

As one fifth of boy band The Wanted, 23-year-old Nathan Sykes was always known as ‘the cute one’. Now, he’s back as a solo artist, and his third single, the very saucy Give It Up, is set to be a huge hit. Currently on tour with Little Mix, we caught up with the singer for a chat…
How has solo life been treating you?
I have never been happier – if I’m completely honest! Especially on the creative front. The videos and songwriting are all coming from me – there are no discussions with four other people or input from anyone else. It’s very much a me driven project, and it’s exciting. Every day I’m learning new things about myself as an artist and as a person.
Is it like starting again?
Absolutely! I get really excited that people are treating me like a new artist. I was nominated for Best New Artist as part of the Radio Disney Music Awards recently and that was amazing. The fact that people are taking it seriously is so nice.
You are on your third solo single now…
I know, it’s mad isn’t it? It’s called Give It Up and I think it shows yet another side of me. With my first solo single, Kiss Me Quick, you got the cheeky playful side, then I really stripped it back for the second, Over And Over Again, and I think this one is sexier.
When I started writing it, I didn’t think I’d have a sexy song on the album. I think I almost surprised myself with it.
Is there anything you particularly need to give up?
I think I probably need to give up my laziness. In the Over And Over Again video there’s a scene where I take off my shirt. On the day, I was looking at all the different scenes and then thought: “Oh, no! I haven’t been working out, this is going to be really embarrassing.” So I literally got on the floor and did 20 sit-ups – but then realised it was a bit too late for the sit-ups! I should be in better shape than I am.
Have you enjoyed being on tour with Little Mix?
I’m really enjoying it. I’ve just been with my guitarist Louis and I get to play the piano as well. The Little Mix ladies are amazing. They are the loveliest girls and are so talented too. That shows when they are performing – their vocals are outstanding! It’s a pleasure to be part of their tour, and I know half the team from my time with The Wanted, so it has been nice seeing them as well.

600x600-mixing it up individaul3
Will you be bringing out an album soon?
Oh yes, the album is due out in the autumn, which is exciting. It’s a complete introduction to me and hopefully some of the old fans will like it, but it’s also a time to make new fans too. There’s a lot of variety on the album, but essentially it’s a pop album with soul, R&B and jazz thrown in. There’s one more collaboration to come too, with a male artist you won’t be expecting!
You performed again recently with your ex-girlfriend Ariana Grande. Was that weird?
It was really nice working with her, and I think it shows real maturity that we can put everything aside and just focus on the music. A lot of people in that situation wouldn’t have done it. She is a sweetheart and she’s having great success at the moment, so it’s great to see her doing so well. We are both very supportive of each other’s music.

600x600-mixing it up individaul
She has launched her own fashion line. Is that something you’d like to do in the future?
Well, it’s not something I’ve thought about. I’ve been busy concentrating on my music. I do keep an eye on the fashion side of things, though.
Where do you go shopping?
I try to keep it sophisticated, so I’ve stopped wearing jeans and now wear trousers that are rolled up. I go shopping at Cos, Reiss and I like the French designer Sandro too. I do love my shoes. I’ve got some from designer Louis Leeman. They’re cracking!
How many pairs do you have?
Too many! I still have all my hightops and boots from my time in the band, which I don’t even wear any more. There’s probably a room full of clothes and shoes from back then… so, if anyone wants them!
What’s coming up next for you after the tour?
I’ll probably be going back to America. I’ve got lots of summer shows to do. There’s a great reaction to the songs over there, which is amazing.

600x600-mixing it up individaul2

Nathan’s new single Give It Up will be available soon

Cannes Film Festival: Red Carpet Glamour

Every summer, hordes of A’list celebrities descend on the South of France for 10 days of non-stop premieres, parties and lounging on yachts. The Cannes film festival is like the Oscars but it lasts for days instead of one night only.

Last year I went for a week and witnessed the glamour first-hand (you can read that blog post here) and this year looks just as good. The weather’s been fantastic so far, so it’s always good to look at what the celebs are wearing to get inspiration for what we can wear to our summer parties and weddings.

My favourite outfits from Cannes 2016 so far are:

Cheryl Tweedy

Cheryl’s not in any films, but she looked stunning at the premiere of Slack Bay in a multicolour maxi dress. She met her soon-to-be ex-husband in Cannes two years ago and there’s no better revenge than looking fabulous when you know your ex will be watching. I love how she wears her hair up to show off her slender top half in the strapless dress.

Kate Hudson

Kate jetted in for the Chopard / Vanity Fair dinner and stood out in a coral pink maxi dress, which is very similar to the COAST Corwin maxi dress. It’s such a gorgeous spring colour – great for making tans stand out and for cheering you and others up when they look at you. I love Kate’s style!

Victoria Beckham

Victoria was in Cannes for the opening night gala and she looked very chic in a black jumpsuit with her hair in an Audrey Hepburn style updo. As long as you have great heels, a jumpsuit can look just as spectacular as a dress.

Julia Roberts

Julia looked every inch the Hollywood A’lister in a black maxi dress. She’s had years of experience ruling red carpets and it shows. Black never goes out of fashion.

Amal Clooney

Yellow is totally THE colour right now. We saw Fearne Cotton and Alesha Dixon in yellow dresses at this year’s BAFTA TV Awards and now Amal looks beautiful in a yellow maxi dress as she supports her husband at the premiere of his new film Money Monster.

Kendall Jenner

Kendall was in Cannes to promote Magnum ice creams and she hosted a party on a beach so she didn’t need to look as formal as everyone else. She went for South of France daytime glamour in a white jumpsuit with cool cats-eye sunglasses.

Bella Hadid

Gigi Hadid’s younger sister looked gorgeous in a beige and silver maxi dress. Cannes is the place to show off jewellery and diamonds and Bella has a head start as even her dress is sparkly. Bella’s usually competing with her older sister, but in this dress she’s in a league of her own and it’s a great way to get noticed.

Blake Lively

Blake stars in the opening night’s film – Cafe Society – so she was under great pressure to dazzle and entertain everyone with her outfit. She did just that in a silver dress, which highlights her tanned skin and makes her look a million dollars. This photo makes me want a silver dress.

Jessica Chastain

The Mad Men actress was the third actress to wear silver – there must be a trend! However, while the other two were fitted, Jessica’s maxi dress was floaty and feminine and make her look like a Princess. If you’re not confident about flaunting your figure yet, a floaty maxi will make you look amazing so you feel more attractive when you’re wearing it.

Who do you think looked the best?

Love Zoex

Get ready for your Summer holidays and adventures!

With Summer just around the corner, we’re all getting ready for those long, special days spent with family and friends. Capturing those memories to hold forever is essential. This is why we’ve looked into our favourite Canon camera and Canon camcorder for you. We’ve even included some additional hints and tips to help you take amazing shots!

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Canon LEGRIA R706pic 2DSLR

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Blogger’s Corner

We chat to the coolest parent bloggers around to get their top tips and picks!

NAME: Stephanie Withers
CHILDREN: Finlay, two and Parker, six months
BLOG: chalkkids.co.uk

What do your kids love to wear?
For Finlay, loose jumpers, harem pants, dungarees and rompers. Parker tends to wear a simple bodysuit with some cute baby leggings and moccasins.

Are there colours or patterns you prefer to dress them in?
I love neutral unisex shades on the boys. Occasionally, I like to pick up the odd out-there patterned item, such as a mouse-print jacket.

Which children’s buys are key for spring/summer?
I love short dungarees for boys and twirl dresses for girls. For babies, sunsuits and bloomers look really sweet.

“I love adding a pop of colour through accessories.” Caps, 6WU4G, £12 (two pack),

“This is a great bag for taking on all your adventures!” Converse Backpack, 6NFWL, £30

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“Simple t-shirts can be styled in so many ways.” Ralph Lauren SS Classic Tee, 6VGG6, from £19

“Who said only girls can wear pink?” Ralph Lauren Classic Swim Shorts, 6VGGX, from £35

What are your packing musts for the kids?
For the plane, a couple of their favourite toys, an activity book, snacks and an iPad loaded with some cartoons and learning games. It’s worth investing in some good-quality sandals in a neutral colour as they’ll go with everything.

How do you style up the kids’ wardrobes?
I love adding a pop of colour through accessories. One of the easiest ways to do this is with a hat, patterned leggings or some cool socks.

What is important to you when buying clothes for the boys?
It’s vital that their clothes never restrict their ability to play freely, so i pick comfy fabrics.

What are the boys crazy about?
Finlay is obsessed with Thomas the Tank Engine and Parker loves bouncing in his Jumperoo.

What couldn’t you live without as a mum?
A comfortable baby carrier, a compact pram, a changing bag – and my coffee machine!

What are some of your favourite places to go with your children?
I love taking them for a walk along the beach boulevard where we live in Aberdeen. it’s such a pretty spot and has a playground close by.

Tell us a bit about your blog…
I started Chalk Kids as a way to share my love of kids’ fashion and unique interiors. I also wanted to connect with other like-minded women who are mothers.

600x600-Bloggers individaul copyNEW


Nicole Scherzinger’s Top 5 Best X Factor Looks

It’s official! Nicole Scherzinger will return to the judging panel of the X Factor this year (2016). She’s always been one of my favourite judges of all time because not only did she invent the word ‘Schmazing’ and use the word ‘balls’ in many contexts, but she looked elegant and classy on every single episode. I never ever saw her in anything that didn’t suit her.

I’m really excited to see what she will wear this season because if it’s anything like what she wore in the past, we’ll be in for a treat. I liked to look at her on a Saturday night to get inspiration for what I’d wear to a party on another Saturday night. Five outfits that I especially liked were:

Five outfits that I especially liked – and I hope we see more of this year – were:

(1) A red maxi dress


With her dark hair and bronzed skin, red really suits Nicole. Sometimes red can look brassy and bold but Nicole looks pretty and feminine in her red maxi dress. It makes me want to wear more red!

(2) A one shoulder maxi dress


During the live shows, there’s a lot of pressure to pull out fabulous outfits every week but Nicole got it so right with this one shoulder maxi dress. This would be a perfect dress for a formal ball or dinner and maybe even a prom dress as the stunning detail would ensure eyes were on you all night.

(3) A navy blue jumpsuit


Nicole doesn’t always wear dresses and one of my fave outfits ever was this blue jumpsuit as she looks fresh and cool. I wouldn’t argue with the judge’s decision when Nicole looks as fierce as this.

(4) A white midi dress


The white in this dress really accentuates Nicole’s gorgeous skin tone. Now that we’re getting into the summer months, white is a great colour to wear. Since she’s being adventurous on the colour,  she keeps the shape simple with a clean midi dress structure.

(5) A long shoulder black maxi dress


Wow! I love the detail of this long sleeve maxi dress – it wouldn’t look out of place on the red carpet at the Oscars. Nicole wore this to one of the live finals and the dress certainly has the X Factor – the contestants were all upstaged!

Which outfit did you like the most? Do you think Simon Cowell did the right thing inviting Scherzy back?


Playstation’s Uncharted 4 now available – be in with a chance of winning!

To celebrate the ever anticipated launch of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End , we have teamed up with Playstation to give you the chance of winning a bundle of Uncharted prizes including the game itself along with a t-shirt and journal!

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Enter now on Twitter – https://twitter.com/verynetwork


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Gadget Girl: TV Guide

TV buying is, frankly, a bit confusing. There is so much jargon involved that it can make the process terrifying. Here, I help tackle the technical lingo and find the perfect telly for you…

This offers four times the detail of full HD. If you’re looking to invest, a 4K is the best way to ensure the picture quality, both in colour and clarity, is at its best. 
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These high-tech screens give you an amazing TV experience where your field of vision is wider and deeper, making you feel part of the action. Samsung 55-inch Freeview HD Smart Curved Ultra HD TV, 69T7K, £799* 2 years extra service guarantee, £79.99*

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BAFTA TV Awards: Glam Party Outfits

Awards season just never stops! This weekend it was the turn of the TV industry to celebrate it’s biggest stars at the BAFTA TV awards. Unlike the National TV Awards (NTAs) that were held back in January, these awards are voted for by the industry rather than by the public so winning means that the stars have earned recognition from their colleagues and bosses.

There were awards for every style of TV show – from news to constructed reality to comedy and entertainment. This meant that there were a lot of celebs as it would be rude not to attend if they were nominated. And of course, they all dressed as if they were going to win since nobody wants to go up to the podium looking anything less than fabulous!

It was great inspiration for what to wear now that summer party season is coming as the celebs dressed to reflect this hot May weather that’s occurring across the UK. I think the best dressed were:

Alesha Dixon

At first, I wondered if Beyonce had turned up for the TV awards as Alesha looked bootylicious in her dark yellow maxi dress. The halter neck style and the belt at the waist really give her that hourglass figure that everyone wants. If you want to stand out in a maxi dress at an awards ceremony then the fit (it should be figure-hugging) and the colour (bright is best) are important and Alesha gets both of those correct.

Rochelle Humes

Very designer Rochelle showed off her fashion credentials in a white maxi dress. It looks simple from the front but it’s a different and way more dramatic story when she turns to the side. Dresses with hidden detail like this will ensure that people can’t take their eyes off you all night as there’s always something to look at.

Fearne Cotton

Gorgeous Fearne channels a hint of boho chic with her yellow maxi dress. With her blonde hair, yellow should be a hard colour to wear but Fearne manages it because the shape of this dress is so pretty and feminine that the colour is an after-thought. Yellow must be a popular colour if both Alesha and Fearne are rocking it.

Michelle Keegan

Michelle Keegan may have married Essex’s Mark Wright, but she’s not in danger of turning into a boring housewife. She looked stunning in a one-shoulder maxi dress, which showed off a hint of her bronzed summer skin. I love one shoulder maxi dress as there’s just a hint of skin.

Caroline Flack

Look closely and you’ll see that Caroline’s wearing a black jumpsuit. She’s never been one to wear dresses but this jumpsuit is clever because it has wide legs so when she stands with her legs together it looks like a dress. Wide leg jumpsuits are very popular this season.

Amanda Holden

Amanda channeled her inner Cinderella in this grey maxi dress and was definitely one of the belles of the ball. Britain’s Got Talent might not have won anything but Amanda clearly has talent picking out outfits.

Tess Daly and Claudia Winkleman

The Strictly Come Dancing hosts complemented each other’s outfits with Tess in a feminine white maxi dress and Claudia in an edgy black jumpsuit. The pair have a great dynamic off-screen as well as in front of the cameras and it’s clearly working as they picked up an award for Strictly Come Dancing.

Kara Tointon

The ex-Eastenders actress looked like a Hollywood movie star in this grey maxi dress, It wouldn’t have looked out of place at the recent Met Ball, which had a futuristic theme. It’s great material for a summer’s night as it’s loose and floaty.

Who do you think looked the best?

Love Zoex

Celebrity Style Steal: Gigi Hadid’s Jet Set Glam

Gigi Hadid celebrated her 21st birthday at  the weekend and marked it in style! The popular Victoria’s Secret model invited all her famous pals including BFF Kendall Jenner and boyfriend Zayn Malik to Las Vegas. And instead of driving down from LA, she hired a private jet to make sure the party started on the runway. Why waste a minute of your birthday travelling when you can make travelling part of the celebration? I like her attitude!

While we may not all be able to throw such a spectacular birthday party, we all want to look our best on our special day, as we do every day of the week. So it’s nice to see that Gigi is wearing a daytime travelling outfit that’s so easy for us to copy and would look gorgeous on anyone. It’s a great look for a weekend day out shopping with friends, and you could wear it to a bar in the evening as those boots are just gorgeous. They’re very similar to the Carvela wow over the knee boots from Very. Gigi’s dress reminds me of the V by Very cutout shoulder rib dressIt’s an ideal dress for Spring as the long sleeves mean you can wear it without a coat and the figure-hugging shape and high neck mean it’s flattering without being too revealing. 


Now we’re into Spring, the sun’s coming out more, so sunglasses are the ideal way to top off the look. Gigi’s super fashionable round sunglasses are like the round frame sunglasses with metal arm detail from Very. How cool are they?

What do you think of Gigi’s look?

Love Zoex

The Chuck Taylor All Star II has arrived… and it’s here to stay!

The Chuck Taylor All Star is one of the most legendary and iconic trainers of all time and now Converse bring you the ultimate step up with the Chuck II.

Fans, artists and musicians have adopted the Converse badge as a sign of creativity and self- expression and now it is new and improved. With brand new ranges including the new and improved originals available across a range of colours, the monochromatic range available in black and off-white and the newest addition- the Chuck II Knits which combine eye-catching colours and tightly interwoven knit material.

blog 1       blog 2

Designed for comfort whenever you need it, Converse continue to explore the realms of design and innovation to meet the demands of your ‘on the go’ lifestyle better than ever before. The addition of the Nike Lunarlon sockliner for added cushioning and support, a nonslip padded tongue for 360-degree comfort around the ankle and ultra-soft micro-suede lining make the Chuck II the most wearable collection yet. You will never want to take them off…

Very brings you all of the new iconic styles from the collections to help style you this season. We have a mixture of vibrant colours perfect for the Spring hues to give your outfit some pop! Our favourite is the yellow Chuck II Knit!

These go perfectly with a floral mini dress and a cropped jacket for a great spring/ summer style- a perfect look for the upcoming festival season!

blog 3

So whether your favourites are the new and trendy Chuck II Knits, the chic and simple monochromatics or you’re a fan of the classic originals. The Chuck II range will have something to suit you; versatile, on- trend and the comfiest collection yet- What more could you ask for?

blog 4

Visit Very.co.uk today to shop the entire Converse collection and discover the new Chuck II range.  Explore the variety of textures and colours we have to offer and pick your favourite for the season ahead. The range has been built for the next generation of creatives so whether you’re a trend setter or trend follower, the Chuck II range will have something to suit you and your family…. Happy Shopping!

#FitnessInspo: Our Day at Be:Fit London

Last Friday, we went along to the Be: Fit London event at the Business Design Centre in London;  a 3 day health and fitness festival for women.

Featuring motivational talks, the hottest classes, and a huge exhibition including premium sponsor, Reebok, here’s what we did:

Tara Stiles

Be Fit London BeFitLondon on Twitter

Image c/o @BeFitLondon Instagram

We started the day with Tara’s Strala Yoga, based on her background in ballet. After encouraging us to ‘find a good place and take a deep breath’, we felt calmer, more supple and ready to take on the day.

Tara Stiles

Image c/o @TaraStiles Twitter

Follow Tara on Instagram at @TaraStiles

Dan Roberts

Dan trains Hollywood A Listers, Victoria’s Secret models and Elite models. With his Methodology X workout, he knows exactly how to sculpt and tone the perfect bod.

DR Forward Headshot Col2

Dan’s Tips for an A List Bod:

A positive mentality: Exercise is just another word for movement – dance, run, use your arms, just move more

Try something new: Yoga, dance, martial arts – try using your body in a new way

Like yourself: Respect your body, focus less on how you look and more on using exercise to reconnect with your body

Nourish your body: Don’t crash diet. Eat fresh and cook real food

Confidence: Have a confident mindset that will lead to a better body image

Follow Dan on Instagram at @TeamDanRoberts
Girl Gains

The Girl Gains

Image c/o @TheGirlGains Instagram

Tally, Victoria and Zanna are Girl Gains.

These ladies are all about positivity and girl power – plus a bootyshaking playlist and motivational cheers like ‘you look amazing!’

Girl Gains’ Tips for Making Workouts Fun:

Keep it simple. Don’t overstretch yourself, just move more, walk instead of taking the bus, or use fitness watches 

Download a water alert app. Make sure you stay hydrated

Get 8 hours sleep. Stress can help cause bloating so get enough sleep and try to relax

Don’t use scales. If you base your goals around how you look, you’ll never be satisfied.

Keep yourself accountable. Have an open conversation with friends and family to ask for support.

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Our Be:Fit Style Takeaways

The main trend was 100% graphic running tights in the boldest prints you could possibly find.

Binky Felstead

Image c/o @BinkyFelstead Twitter


Meanwhile, gym tops were cropped, colourful or casual vests.


When it came to sports bags, it was more colour and chunky, retro styles.


Cover ups, meanwhile, were casual and athleisure style.

Reebok Picks

There was plenty of gorgeous Reebok clothing knocking around at the event, and Gemma from Reebok told us which trainers would suit each class:

Z Print Train (Perfect for HIIT, Barry’s Bootcamp, Girl Gains and Equinox)

Created by MDKGraphicsEngine - Licensed to Adidas Production (6 licenses)

Your Flex Trainette (Perfect for Danielle Peazer, GymBox, Seen on Screen dance classes)

Shop Reebok trainers collection here.

Gemma says: ‘Be:Fit is a celebration of women’s fitness – equipping women with the tools to become healthier and happier. We hope the event inspires every woman to achieve their health and fitness goals, set new ones, and do it in style.

To find out more, visit the Be:Fit London website.

Met Ball Gala 2016: Best Dressed

The Met Ball Gala ball brings celebrities from all walks of life – music, film and TV – to unite for one common cause. That cause is fashion.

Hosted by Anna Wintour and American Vogue, each year is bigger and better than the last. Every year, the stars are given a theme and have to wear outfits that are not only spectacular but are relevant.  This year the theme was complicated but very cool – Manus Vs Machina: Fashion In An Age of Technology. This means futuristic!

Stars went for a fabulous mix of metallic colours and bright outfits – the Met Ball is no place for shy people. Let’s have a closer look at who looked fabulous:

Taylor Swift

With her new platinum blonde hair, Taylor looks futuristic and so she rocked a metallic mini dress that made her look like a character from a sci-fi movie, a gorgeous character! Love the gladiator sandals too!

Kylie Jenner

Kylie looked sensational in a silver maxi dress. It looks like something that would fit a Great Gatsby themed party as well as a technology inspired party thanks to all the sequins and sparkles. It’s the bob that brings it up to date – simple but chic – which is important when you want the dress to stand out.

Kim Kardashian

Kim showed that she’s on track losing her baby weight in a stunning silver dress. It’s quite similar to her younger sister Kylie.


Beyonce looked bootylicious in a bodycon dress – what a way to make an entrance! A bodycon maxi is so flattering and Beyonce knows she looks fabulous judging by her smile. It’s only a couple of years since Beyonce’s sister Solange kicked her husband in an elevator at this event but Beyonce comes back and holds her head high and we love her for it.

Rita Ora

Rita represents us Brits at the ball and looks stunning in a glamorous silver maxi dress, made with silver feathers. If there are more outfits like this in the future thanks to new technology. then the world will be one fun place! Until then, a silver maxi is still pretty glamorous.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Rosie stands out for keeping it simple at an event where everyone else seems to have opted for gold or silver. If you don’t like a lot of colour, then wearing a simple white maxi dress that’s well-fitted will make you look like a star without it seeming that you’ve tried too hard. If you feel confident in this, you’ll walk with your head high – just as Rosie does.

Kate Upton

The American model and actress looked like a goddess in a one-shoulder maxi dress with a thigh high split. The colour perfectly matches the theme and the shape of the dress perfectly emphasises her figure and gives her an hourglass sihouette. A one-shoulder maxi dress is always interesting to look at, and it’s cool to show off a hint of skin without showing everything.

Katy Perry

I almost didn’t recognise Katy Perry. She channeled a gothic vibe in a black maxi dress that was embellished with gold keys. Everyone imagines that the future will be full of robots and machines, but Katy looks fabulous in this and very unique!

Zoe Saldana

Zoe’s dress was huge! She said that we may want to dress in more colours in the future when technology is all black and white and she shows what she means in a multi-colour maxi dress.

Alexa Chung

Alexa looked amazing in a trouser suit! She was the only one in trousers and it was inspiring – in the future women will be as strong and fierce as ever. I loved the sequin embellishment and thought it was a great party look. She’d be as comfortable at the end of the night as she was at the beginning.

Who do you think looked the best?

Love Zoex

Disney’s Radio Awards: Fabulous Fashion

Film awards season may be over, but music awards ceremonies go on all year and Disney Radio hosted their annual bash at the weekend. Since Disney is a popular brand, a lot of stars attended and the dress code seemed to be conservative but fabulous. You can’t flash the flesh at a family brand’s event but the celebs showed it is possible to look gorgeous without revealing too much.

Judging from the stars’ outfits, the way to stand out and make an entrance at a formal event like this is to go for something that shows off your shape such as a bodycon dress. Gwen Stefani takes this to another level, but Australian singer and actress Alli Simpson makes it work for her by wearing trousers with a blouse and the combination shows off her slim waist.  Whether we want to go all out or dip our toes into the bodycon trend, we can be inspired by:

Gwen Stefani

I love this multicolour bodycon dress, as it’s both fun and flattering. When you have this much colour on a dress, the shape needs to be simple and a midi dress is ideal, especially one with a high-neck. It’s also a good idea to be adventurous with your make-up if wearing colours as you don’t want the dress to wash you out – you need to wear it rather than it wearing you!

Hailee Steinfeld

The American actress looks super cute in a classic black bodycon dress with a pink trim. This is a great way to experiment with Spring colours as you have the safety of black with a pretty twist. Black has the advantage of being super flattering, especially when worn with high heels to lengthen the legs and emphasise muscle tone in your legs and bum. This is a dress that could be worn for both work and play.

Alli Simpson

The Australian singer highlights her waist by wearing contrasting colours and by tucking her black blouse into the cream trousers.  I think the gladiator sandals are very cool – what do you think?

Ariana Grande


Ariana adds a touch of luxe to a classic black bodycon dress with a sparkling necklace and a faux fur jacket. The singer is really coming into her own in the style stakes right now as she’s been busy promoting her latest album and she’s looked incredible at each interview and gig. I’ve noticed that she tends to stick to one colour – such as all cream or all black – and that works for her when teamed up with some fab accessories. Coats and jewellery can really add some wow factor to an outfit!

Who do you think looked best? Bodycon is super-flattering and there are so many wears to wear it as these celebs showed.

Love Zoex

The bold and The beautiFul- Part 2

Get Fearne Cotton’s eclectic luxe interiors look..

No one does quirky-cool like Fearne Cotton. Whether it’s on the red carpet or in the house, the mum of two never fails to impress. Her edgy take on fashion perfectly translates into the world of interiors to create a home look that’s opulent and, of course, seriously stylish. And, with her latest Very.co.uk interiors collection, she’s done it again. “My house is a mishmash of pieces from different eras,” reveals Fearne. “I just love a vintage feel to it all. It’s about experimenting and finding things that suit you.”

So, why not follow our designer’s lead and embrace the bold and the beautiful in your home this spring?

A mirror can make just as much impact on a wall as a vibrant piece of art. What’s more, it’ll open up the area, bouncing light around to make it feel more airy and spacious.


Fearne never shies away from colours and is a fan of printed cushions. “Interesting patterns are a great way to give your room a unique edge,” explains our designer.


“Get creative and blend different eras for a bespoke finish,” advises Fearne. We love this Gothic-looking chandelier with the mid-century-shaped sofa.


A rug anchors your colour scheme and brings a focal point to a room, added to a stripped wooden floor or wood-effect laminate in a classic style brings some period charm.


Fearne Cotton Home rosemont Decorative mirror, 6RXGL, £99, Fearne Cotton Home Betsey Two Seater Fabric Sofa, 6T4Q4, £639*, Fearne Cotton Home Tile Print Cushion, 6XL9M, £15, Fearne Cotton Home antigua Pendant, 6UYMP, £49.99, Fearne Cotton Home Kalim Cotton rug, 6XY7H, from £49