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This bunch of lovely peeps are going to be telling you what’s new, what’s nice, what they like, what they don’t like and just fill your lives with lots of good stuff about style, beauty, celebs and everything in between – and they want to hear from you, so if you’ve got something to say, post a comment…..


Hi, I’m Katie, the tweeting, FBing, blogging social media bod for You can mostly find me stuck to a screen/phone getting the latest updates from the WWW or hiding out in the Very H.Q wardrobe figuring out how I’m going to spread the word of the Gorgeous (capital G) product we have whilst grabbing all the freebies I can to give away to you lovely lot. Pop me a tweet – I’d love to say hi!  x

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Hello! I’m Suzi! I’m the V-Team’s resident trend expert and I’ll be sharing my style journey with you each week. I write my own fashion and beauty blog at and I’ve previously worked as a fashion designer. I’ll be going backstage at Very events, bringing you all the gossip and keeping you updated with the latest fashion trends and sharing my makeup ‘How-To’ videos with you. My motto is work hard, miracles do happen! x

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Hi I’m Zoe, celebrity journalist, former Sunday Mirror columnist and now star style stalker for the Very Blog.  I’m also Editor of my own site and attend show biz parties most nights of the week from posh award ceremonies to film premieres to interview celebs.  My top 3 female interviewees are Kylie Minogue, Victoria Beckham and Cheryl Cole.  If you ask me about men, it’s Brad Pitt, of course, with Johnny Depp a close second! x

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Hi, I’m Emily! I write for Most Wanted, the lifestyle magazine from and now a blogger for the Very Blog. I like nothing more than trawling websites and markets for hidden gems and those little things that make life a lot nicer. I’m obsessed with both Ryan Gosling and anything covered in polka dots. My lifestyle hero is Sophie Cornish and my best bargain is blagging a free iPhone! x

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Hi I’m Jess! I’m the Very Stylist looking after all your style needs. When I’m not sorting the Versace’s from the Valentino’s you will find me with my head in a magazine, or playing a mean game of Trivial Pursuit. Check out my blogs for some behind the scenes action from our Very shoots and take a look at the videos and get some style advice on the latest trends! In the words of Yves Saint Laurent “Fashions fade, Style is eternal” x

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Hi! I’m Meg, the PR exec for Very. My day is usually filled with samples, samples, samples but mostly we work on projects like our PR shoots for Fearne & Holly, press days and events. You can usually spy our work in the weekly mags but I’ll be bringing you exclusive behind the scenes and sneak peeks from what we’re up to in the wonderful world of PR! X

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Hi, I’m Aimee! I work as a copywriter at Very HQ. I’ve spent the last year travelling and now I’m here to keep you clued in to the best deals, events and goings on you should all be trying. In my spare time I write a blog about being an honorary scouse in my new hometown of Liverpool and enjoy taking part in crazy fitness challenges. My motto is be yourself, everyone else is taken!

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Hi! I’m Laura and I work for Very. I write about all the gorgeous celebrity fashion products and offer style tips for our lovely customers. I also write my own fashion blog and share my take on the latest trends and what I’m loving at the moment – take a sneaky peak at imakemyownfashion! As well as all things fashion I love beauty products and have an unhealthy obsession with nail polish. As Alexander McQueen once said, “I believe there is beauty in everything.” x

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