Beyond Denim Jeans…

I have been known to say that denim should only come in the form of jeans. I have also been known to be wrong. On occasion!

I love jeans and can be found wearing them in some form almost everyday, skinny jeans, wide leg, boot cut, slouch, boyfriend – you get the picture – but this season denim is a trend that is becoming hard to ignore. So perhaps it is time to investigate denim beyond jeans?

The problem for me is that head-to-toe denim reminds me of B*witched of late 90’s pop fame. Remember them? Four Irish lasses always clad in denim, on one occasion seen sporting denim evening gowns for an award ceremony of some description. Yuck. Then there is the memory of Magnum PI all moustache and chest hair, denim shirt tucked firmly into his high waisted jeans…

So, where to start? Denim shirts? Possibly. Denim skirts? I’m more of a legs covered kinda girl. Denim dresses? Maybe too much for my first foray into denim. Denim shorts? Perhaps in the summer in the privacy of my back garden.. when my boyfriend isn’t home. Denim jackets? This could have been a contender if said boyfriend wouldn’t instantly disown me – so deep is his dislike of them. It is going to have to be the shirt for starters I think I can cope with just the shirt for now.

This South denim shirt fits the bill – but then here come’s the usual question! What do I wear it with?!

This denim thing has got me wondering – what else could I be persuaded to wear if the trend was strong enough? What have you worn that you never thought you would? Let us know….

11th March 2010
Written by Very_Lauren

Posted by: Hazel 13 March 2010

Hi Penny, Thanks for your comment. I didn’t think I’d wear them again either after my years leggings, baggy t shirts and Dm’s phase whilst at art college. The next challenge is jeggings! Jean leggings – do we dare?

Posted by: pennyp 11 March 2010

Hi Hazel I love the post on Denim, what about leggings? -This time last year didn’t think I would be wearing them again but with so many ways to wear them I just had to give in!