Calling all you fakers out there! Olly Murs shares the ultimate tan cheat!

Well it’s that time of year again. The sun is beginning to shine and memories of snow, rain and hail are beginning to fade – you’ll be wearing your maxi dresses and wedges again in no time! That means you need to bin those tights and get those sun starved legs out!

Sun is fun and skin is in !

Now is the time to get your skin ready to be shown in public again! Our VERY fab new range of Vita Liberata products can help you do just that! All the top celebs are using it – from this years  X-Factor finalists to Hollywood A-Lister Michelle Rodriguez. So lets scrub away that dry crocodile skin, and reveal a new, smoother you!

Start with a great exfoliator, like Vita Liberata’s body polish which (we sell as part of a fab Vita Liberata Luxury Travel Pack). You need to get your body ready for some serious moisturisation! Choose a good quality body moisturiser to quench your dehydrated skin.  You are now ready to bring on the tan! Make sure you use a tanning mit or gloves – orange stained hands is not a good look!

Vita Liberata’s Dark Silken Mousse will give you a medium depth tan, with a healthy looking glow or for a ‘back from Barbados’ look, to make you the envy of all your friends,  go for the Rich Silken Chocolate.

It’s not just for the girls either!

Jude Law was so impressed with Sienna’s recent Vita Liberata tan that he asked for one too! They were both spotted leaving a top London salon with matching his n hers safe, natural tans! He’s not the only man to be tempted to fake it either! The X-Factors Olly Murs has been caught on camera getting his Vita Liberata spray tan done – hours before the live final. See the VERY revealing footage here…

No bad smells!

The great about this range is it doesn’t come with those dodgy odours that your man can’t stand ! It has a slight tint to it to ensure a streak free application and it dries within seconds, so you don’t have to stand in the nude for ages until it dries! (It’s not summer weather yet girls!) It takes about 4 hours to develop, and with its unique ingredients ensures there is no undesirable post tanning pongs!

Don’t forget to pay attention to your face too, there are some fantastic  facial tanners out there at the moment, like Deep Silken Touch Face. Need instant gratification? 24ct silken shimmer is for you, this ultimate wash off body tint is sheer and soft on the skin, and will give you the perfect bronzed goddess look in minutes!  Ideal for those spontaneous nights out, or for unplanned after work drinks!

What the celebs are saying about Vita Liberata:

Louise Redknapp (Singer and Presenter) “I really love the sun-kissed colour that the tan develops, it’s fantastic”
Emma Bunton (Singer) “That’s lovely. I really like that”
Katherine Kelly (Coronation Street) “It’s the best, and the least smelly fake tan ever”

13th March 2010
Written by Very_Lauren