Cheryl Cole hides behind shades

All eyes were on Cheryl Cole when she attended the Radio 1 Live Lounge Session this week, but she hid her  face with a fabulous pair of sunglases.

The Girls Aloud singer may have been up all night thinking about what to do with her marriage to footballer Ashley Cole, but you’d never guess thanks to those big sunnies.

She needed the glasses to escape the paparazzi flashbulbs. We were terrified and we weren’t even in the middle of the scrum.

But now Spring has officially started, there is more reason than ever before for you to indulge in a pair of sunglasses from Very.

We love Cheryl’s aviator-style pair, which match her classic monochrome look.

All you need is a simple white t-shirt, and one of Very’s selection of leather jackets and you can be like the stunning X-Factor judge.

24th March 2010
Written by Zoe Griffin