Dress To Impress Occasionwear

Dress To Impress Occassionwear

What’s the first thing that goes through your mind when you receive a Wedding Invitation?

Most women will think about getting a brand spanking new outfit and possibly even a gorgeous handbag to match!

It’s only natural that you want to look your best, although finding that ‘perfect’ outfit can be very stressful!  Therefore, I can offer you some tips and advice on wedding outfit do’s and don’ts – which will hopefully stop you reaching for that bottle of Kalms…………………

  • Rule No 1: NEVER wear white or ivory.  The last thing you want to do is outshine the bride by wearing the same colour!  Most brides are already nervous and on edge, on their wedding day so you turning up wearing the same colour, is likely to turn her in to Bridezilla!  So, to avoid any confrontation with the bride, stay away from white and ivory.

  • Rule No 2: Dress according to your own style and personality.  Just to be clear, I don’t mean this quite literally! For example, if you are a punk and you turn up wearing torn fishnet tights, a bright green Mohawk and a studded dog collar then you’re certainly going to draw attention to yourself for all the wrong reasons!  What I actually mean is-  if you are,a really girlie girl then wear the look your comfortable with – go for something pink or purple, have cute curls in your hair and wear a little flower on one side- you get the point.

  • Rule No 3: Accessorise depending on the style of your outfit.  If for example, you are wearing the pink & black satin Vila dress (shown above) you don’t want to draw attention away from the dress and go overboard with pink so I’d suggest the matching Fiorelli necklace and bracelet – simple and chic.  If your dress is busy then keep your accessories simple and vice versa.

  • Rule No 4: Ask other guests what they will be wearing.  Obviously you can’t ask absolutely everyone but discussing outfits with the people you know can potentially stop you from making the classic faux pas – turning up wearing the same dress as someone else!  This is never a good thing because other guests WILL notice and you’d never hear the end of it!

So…Plan your outfit ahead, stick to my 3 simple rules and you’ll end up looking and feeling like a million dollars!



14th March 2010
Written by Very_Lauren