Five Minutes of Fashion with Kaya Scoledario

Skins actress Kaya Scoledario talked us through her clothing style and inspiration at the premiere of her new film, Shank. Her TV programme may get millions of viewers, but she is surprisingly low-maintenace.

After being happy to pose with me, she talked us through shopping for bargains and wardrobe malfunctions.

QS: Love your leather jacket, Kaya, where did you get it?

“Camden market. The reason I got it was because it was £10. I’ve worn it a million times since then so it works out about a penny a wear.”

QS: How money-concious are you when it comes to shopping?

“I am tight! I always check the price label when it comes to clothes as I just think there are other things to spend money on. I like to look good and I like shopping but I always look for bargains. People think that when you are famous you shop in designer shops, but not me. I always head to the sales areas and I love charity shops and markets.”

QS: What fashion item are you craving most at the moment?

“I’m very much an impulse-buy girl. When I see something I like I buy it, rather than planning in advance. But I always want shoes. I’m liking ankle boots at the moment.”

QS: Whose style do you most admire?

“I like Katy Perry because she seems to have fun with fashion rather than being too serious and designer. It shouldn’t matter if it is high street or designer as long as it looks good.”

QS: Have you ever had any wardrobe malfunctions?

“No. thanks goodness! But I have had a handbag malfunction. I went to a premiere once and my handbag wasn’t done up and everything fell everywhere. It was so embarrassing! Make sure your handbag is done up before doing the red carpet or get someone else to hold it.”

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20th March 2010
Written by Zoe Griffin

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