Five Minutes of Fashion with Naomie Harris


Naomie Harris is best known for her role in Pirates of the Caribbean, where she plays witch Tia Dalma. On-screen, her hair is dreadlocked and she is forced to wear black lipstick, but she tells Very her own style is completely different (thank goodness).

Soon she’ll have to don those peasant woman costumes again for Pirates of The Caribbean 4 with Johnny Depp and we talk about whether he’s as good looking in the flesh as he is on screen, plus why she’ll miss Keira Knightley who has pulled out of the next pirates movie.

Qs: Off set are you a grunge girl or a glam girl?

“Definitely glam. My style is very girly. Even if I am just wearing jeans, I’ll add some accessories like jewellery or super high heels. I think it’s important to look groomed if you want work and that’s always vital as an actress.”

Qs: How long does it take you to get ready?

“How long have I got? If you gave me all day to get ready then I’d make the most of it and probably go and change my outfit a million times.”

Qs: Did you share any style advice with Keira Knightley?

“In the film,our characters were quite different so there wasn’t much interaction. But I remember I was really nervous before the first premiere and Keira just told me to trust my instructs and not let anyone else tell me what to do. It’s amazing she has such an insight at such a young age. It will be werid doing Pirates without her.”

Qs: But you’ll have Johnny Depp. Is he fashionable?

“No! Johnny is one of the scruffiest people ever. He lives in jeans and something baggy over the top. Don’t get me wrong, he is hot, but he is no fashion lover.”

Qs: Prove your own fashion credentials – what fashion trend do you think will be biggest this season?

I think body con dresses are always good, like what I am wearing. And also I’ve heard things about florals

Naomie seems to have it sussed – if it’s tight you are after try this black Fuse by Fuse by Preen body con dress

Or why not kill two birds with one stone with a bodycon dress that has a floral print like this dress from Love Label

29th March 2010
Written by Zoe Griffin

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