Get your garden ready for outdoor dining this summer

Now that the sun is finally poking his head around those clouds we’re feeling all summery and when the sun is out, we want to be outside as well and what better way to enjoy the sunshine than to sit in the garden and have a meal or a few drinks. Of course to do this, you’ll need some garden furniture to sit on! Here are some of our most popular garden furniture sets to inspire you and give you some ideas for that perfect outdoor dining set.

For those of you who just want to enjoy a nice cup of coffee or breakfast on your patio then a small three piece set such as the stylish Costa patio set or the simple and elegant Fiji rattan bistro set. These sets are perfect if there’s just two of you or if you want something small and simple.

For those of you with a few more people in your household and with bigger gardens then a four piece set such as this eucalyptus wood Saigon square table and chair set are perfect for lazy summer evenings outside and for holding all that barbeque food!

There are bigger sets available for those of you with big families or if you’re planning on having friends and family round for a big Sunday lunch or barbeque over the next few months. The Versailles 11 piece garden set is great for those of you needing seating for more people and also has £50 off at the moment so it’s great value as well.

The 8 piece Miami set is also a great choice and is really vibrant in a bright turquoise colour so it will look lovely in the garden and bring a bit of colour to the festivities as well.

If you’re not really one for dining in the garden but just want to relax with a glass of wine or a good book and want somewhere comfy to do it then there’s also some fantastic garden seat swings available as well. My favourite is the Seattle 3 person swing which looks just about perfect for a lovely day relaxing in the garden.

Whatever you’re looking for there’s a really big selection of lovely garden furniture here at so no doubt you’ll be relaxing in style this summer and fingers crossed we see a little more sunshine than last year so we can actually enjoy all those brilliant barbeques and meals outside with all the family without worrying about the rain!

26th March 2010
Written by Very_Lauren