Going Gaga

Has the world gone Gaga?

It really would seem so! The world is rocking after the release of her new Telephone Video co-starring all time diva Beyonce Knowles.

I won’t go into detail about the video –  let’s just say it involves prisons & women, you will have to watch it to see what I mean.

I have to admit – at first I really didn’t know what to make of her andto be ‘Very’ honest with I do think she is mad as a box of frogs. But – and this is a big admission….

I’m starting to absolutely love her!

Not everyone can go out in full public view wearing what seems to be big pieces of black cardboard for eyelashes – but she does – and she manages to pull it off! Admittedly she does look totally insane but how could I not actually be slightly envious that she can do it and be loved for it!

Totally outrageous and wearing some styles that even most drag queens would draw the line at – she’s unique, outlandish and seemingly without a care….Lady Gaga..You rock!

So I thought that it may be a good idea to create a look dedicated to her. No I don’t suggest rolling your hair around an empty pop can or gluing a telephone to your ear but hey – if you are brave enough then go for it.

It may also be advised as a cautionary note that wrapping sticky tape around yourself can actually be very painful, not that I’ve tried it of course.

I did however find a few pieces in the women’s wear section at Very.co.uk that I thought Lady Gaga wouldn’t turn her rather elegant looking nose up at.

Bright and bold, the Pop for POP by PPQ range looks right up her street. This quirky and fun collection is one of my favourite ranges at Very. Yes,  it is a range that will get you noticed but not arrested! And unlike Lady Gaga, we don’t have a personal entourage of body guards on hand so it’s probably best not to go out in your bra and knickers with just a hello kitty bag to protect our nether regions!

Bodysuits are also big news as is lace so I managed to find a few pieces that are revealing yet still legal. Worn with killer heels from our women’s shoes collection you can safely recreate her look – be as daring as you like or go for a toned down Gaga look- it’s really up to you.

One thing is for sure as her tour continues the Lady Gaga trend is one that is going to reach fever pitch over the next few weeks. Just remember – you heard it here first!

So what do you really think of Lady Gaga? Love her or hate her let us know.

13th March 2010
Written by Very_Lauren

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Posted by: Anna King 15 March 2010

The model really looks like Lady Gaga too

Posted by: Very_Sara 15 March 2010

Fab blog Joanne……Very entertaining, had me laughing! x