‘Net’ the man of your dreams

Calling all fashionista’s – BEWARE – another girl could be about to steal your dream man!*

Picture the scene – your dressed up to the nines and looking great, you sit down in that trendy new net cafe in town and a hot guy catches your eye. He smiles at you as you get your old black laptop out of your bag. Just then another girl walks in – she’s carrying the new Hot Pink Samsung N150 under her arm. It’s all over – your hot guy – has been wowed by the Pink Princess whilst your left with nothing but your old bulky black laptop. Bad times!

Don’t let this happen to you! Be bright and bold in Hot Pink – exclusive to you at Very.co.uk!

Shop online, surf the web and chat with ease. The N150 Netbook has got the latest wireless technology so you can keep up with the latest trends wherever you are. It also has Bluetooth so you can share photos with your friends on the go.

Girls – snap it up NOW while it’s exclusive at Very.co.uk and never miss out on a bloke again! All for just £249.

*We can not guarantee that you will meet the man of your dreams upon purchase of this netbook – sorry girls!

24th March 2010
Written by Very_Lauren

Posted by: Wordpress Themes 2 April 2010

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