Tame your hair with some top hair straighteners

If you’re like me and look like you’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards in the morning, with your hair sticking out in all directions and kinks all over the place, then I am sure you will join me in celebrating the sheer number of hair straighteners out there. They are all designed to keep our tresses in tip top condition and create sleek styles, without any hint of frizz.

Of course they are literally everywhere these days and it’s hard to know if you’re picking the right pair for your hair. Some will of course be better than others and I’ve always found that those top rated by other buyers give a good indication of what you can expect.

Nicky Clarke is a top hairdresser and as you’ve probably realised, he, among other famous hair stylists, has his own range of hair products. All I can say is lucky us and the Nicky Clarke straightener set you will find everything you need to create sleek hairstyles that banish the frizz and leave you with shiny smooth locks. This brilliant hair straightening kit consists of a pair of ceramic hair straighteners which heat up to 200C, a wrap and fold vanity bag, a paddle brush and 2 butterfly clips to keep your hair in place while you work on the different sections.

For a top rated frizz banishing product you won’t get much better than the Babyliss Pro 230 Radiance professional straighteners with over 30 customer ratings on Very.co.uk this has a four and a half star average rating. The straighteners heat up to 230C and have inbuilt ionic technology which provide extra shine and have 8 retractable straightening fins with 3 different positions, providing you with 3D straightening abilities. They are also a funky red colour and come with a five year guarantee.

For those of you who find yourselves rushing around in the morning and find that blow drying and straightening takes up too much time, you will probably be as excited as I was when I found out that Remington have made some fantastic Wet-2-Straight hair straighteners that are the only available model in the UK and basically eliminate the need for blow drying as they will dry your hair while straightening it. There are adjustable temperatures from 150-230C and feature ceramic coated plates with frizz resistant conditioners. Comes with a handy heatproof pouch and features auto-switch off after 60 minutes for extra peace of mind.

As you can see there are plenty of different hair straighteners on the market and all have different features. The best thing you can do is read the customer reviews and do a bit of research to find out what you are looking for in your hair straighteners. Here’s to banishing those bad hair days forever!

19th March 2010
Written by Very_Lauren